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L. Allen Brown, owner of All That Glitters, attended a number of discussions/lectures at the 2024 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and shares some of the important and relevant trade information with All That Glitters Customers:
Tucson 2024 Trade News - Discussions/Lectures

While traveling abroad, All That Glitters purchased some smoky orange Topaz. Said to be from Brasil, this material quickly faded when placed in direct sunlight. GIA had an interest in this unique material and the gemstones were sent to the GIA Bangkok office to learn more. To read about the testing peformed by GIA, visit the following link:
Fading Topaz GIA Article

This unsolicited and gracious email below was received on September 23, 2015, from one of our customers who had worked with All That Glitters in the past (a Burmese Ruby Ring was created), and who recently was interested in a gemstone/ring for himself as well as fine quality colored gemstones for his four daughters.
Read More: Customer Email - September 2015

How can All That Glitters sell Diamonds so inexpensively compared to other businesses? A customer asked just that question as our price for a similar diamond would save her over $17,000.
An independent replacement value also indicated that there was even FAR more savings. How do we do it?
Read the page now devoted to explaining how this is possible:
All That Glitters Shows the Savings to our Diamond Customers

Mystery Revealed... All That Glitters "Rainbow" Scapolite studied by GIA and results in an article in the prestigious Gems and Gemology Magazine (Spring 2015).
Read More: All That Glitters Rainbow Scapolite - Gems & Gemology Article, Spring 2015

L. Allen Brown, Owner of All That Glitters, is quoted in the article below. Several Corundum(Ruby/Sapphire) photos from the All That Glitters inventory are used as examples.
Distinguishing between Rubies and Pink Sapphires
An International Gem Society(IGS) Article

What Some Customers Might Not Necessarily Know regarding their purchases (online, at shows and where ever purchases are made):
What Some Customers Might Not Necessarily Know  >

All That Glitters Customer Email - Read comments and feedback from one of All That Glitters customers regarding our Blog and Monthly Gem Related News. Without Feedback like this, we have no idea as to whether we are serving our customers and on-line followers: < Email from an ATG Customer >

Read about Neon Tourmaline and Paraiba - Owner of All That Glitters quoted:
Rapaport Article: < New Discovery Same Name? >

All That Glitters Color Changing YAG surprises many at Tucson 2013 Show:
Color Change YAG Article - Gemewizard: < Gemewizard CC YAG Article > .
This material has been faceted and you can find it in the All That Glitters Inventory, as well as one piece of rough if it hasn't sold yet!

The owner of All That Glitters, Mr. Brown, was recently contacted by an individual who has a blog related to gemstones, and asked whether he would be interested in writing an article for the blog. The topic eventually decided on:
8 Tips on Purchasing Fine Gemstones Online

A website dealing in color within gemstones contacted Mr. Brown about the interesting Bicolor "Demantoid" Garnet that GIA recently had certed. An article on this gemstone now appears on the the GemeWizard Website on the following page:
< Multi-colored andradite, or possibly Demantoid? >
If one calls it a Bicolor Demantoid, there is more of a likelihood that one would understand what this gem entails; whereas if called a Bicolor or Mulicolored Andradite, most people on the retail side or even within the gem trade, might not have any idea of the gem species involved. It was even certed as a Demantoid from one gem lab - whatever one wishes to call it, it is an oddity and rare.

Watch a Kunzite (from a famous zone within a well known California Mine) being faceted over a weeks timeframe. Observe some of the the issues and problems that arise when faceting....
< Faceting Kunzite Demo >

All That Glitters Gemstones and Crystal appear in another Trade Article analyzing a Unique Ametrine showing a 'stepped zone' feature, as well as a nicely saturated 50:50 split Faceted Ametrine and a crystal from the source - the Anahi Mine. Read the technical study on these pieces!
< Gemewizard Article - The Natural Art of Ametrine >

What Gem Labs do people/the trade use most often? < Gem Labs >

Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying, by Keith Wallis - New! Keith Wallis releases his New edition of
"Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying". There are approximately 35 photos of gemstones from the All That Glitters inventory, that represent their species in the book (this is pretty unprecindented for one book to contain this many photos from one source!).

Glass Filled Ruby Discussions- March 2010 Major Chain Selling Without Disclosure Learn More -
< Glass Filled Ruby Article >

Larger Tanzanites Saturation Being Enhanced??? In the not too distant past, we had read in trade related magazines that smaller Tanzanites ( normally be light in color due to size), were being coated to enhance their saturation. Though saddened to hear this, this was not of concern to us as the smaller and lighter material is common and readily available and not something we seek to stock. Could larger Tanzanites now be receiving this Enhancement? Read more about what the owner of All That Glitters thinks after seeing some Tanzanites at the 2010 Tucson Gem Show...
< Tanzanite Enhancement Suspicions >

Orangy Topaz Fades Dramatically on Exposure to Light - L. Allen Brown of All That Glitters had seen large Orangy Topaz online back in 2005 that was said to originate in Brasil and was supposedly untreated. Upon seeing this material in Chantaburi, Thailand in November of 2006, two parcels were purchased. One parcel was placed into the sun where it proceeded to fade quickly to a beige color - very attractive, bright sparkly and brilliant gemstones, but no longer the color that had been originally purchased. In contacting GIA in California, the other parcel was sent to the GIA office in Thailand where it was studied in their lab. To read this story, you may visit the following link: < G&G Fading Topaz Article
(One might have to search for the article if removed from this page; it was published in the Fall Edition of Gems & Gemology, 2009.)

Want to learn more about Gemstones???  Live in the Sacramento area?? Join the Adult Ed Class "The World Of Gemstones" at Sierra Community College (Grass Valley Campus), taught by the owner and founder of All That Glitters - L. Allen Brown. Future schedules will be posted here but might not always be available:
< Adult Education Class Description >

Ametrine is Not What it Used to Be!... All That Glitters Owner is stumped as to why what appears to be treated/enhanced quartz is being called Ametrine. Some companies selling these gemstones as Natural Ametrine. Learn More:
< Ametrine Misnomer >

See what our customers have created as well as custom jewelers with gemstones purchased from All That Glitters. Not only will you see unique designs incorporating All That Glitters Gemstones, you will find answers to questions, such as: What should you do when a gemstone TALKS TO YOU? So what does a customer do with a loose gemstone once purchased? Also, learn what we tell stores and goldsmiths as to the best way to utilize All That Glitters:
< Custom Jewelry Using All That Glitters Gemstones >

Fooled Again - Story of 'another' on-line Gemstone Purchase... Photo Enhancement by some companies create colors that don't exist in natural gemstones and have no resemblance to the original color.....So don't be surprised if the gemstone you purchase on many websites, is not what you expect when you open that package!... < Fooled Again >

All That Glitters Gemstones that have appeared in Books, Magazines and Articles - Published Gems!:
< All That Glitters Published Gemstone Photos >

Read comments/feedback (email) from one All That Glitters customer regarding our Blog and Monthly Gem Related News. Without Feedback like this, we have no idea as to whether we are serving our customers and online followers:
< Email from an ATG Customer >

All That Glitters 2008 Adventure to the high deserts of Oregon in search of Sunstone.
Read and Learn More: < ATG 2008 Sunstone Trip >

The owner of All That Glitters discusses the unusual Tucson 2009 Show along with commentary from dealers during interviews on NPR (National Public Radio). All That Glitters Inventory and Customers in best position to weather any economic woes; High Quality, High End, Unique Gemstones increase in sales and value:
< Tucson 2009 Review >

Buyer Beware - What is not told to the customer can hurt them!

Paraiba Lawsuit Dismissed - Learn more about the controversy and the thoughts of All That Glitters:
< Paraiba Lawsuit Dismissed >

Recently, it was Enhanced Andesine Feldspar - NOW, it is COATED Tanzanite... (What's Next???) Read more about this new treatment that is not stabile.  The original link on the GIA website is no longer available.  One can now search online via a search engine or attempt to find it on the GIA website.

Coming to a Court Room Near You: The Labradorite Litigations. It has been proven that a glut of Labradorite (Red Feldspar) in the past several years is not entirely natural, but has been ENHANCED. A search on line will find some of the information available and possibly an article by Colored Stone which goes into detail.

Faceting Gemstones From Rough Has Inherent Risk. Not only is it difficult to find fine quality facet rough gemstone material, but one never knows about issues that one cannot see initially during the initial inspection process. Once purchased, there can be surprises when one polishes a window to look inside. Learn More about some of the issues that All That Glitters has encountered in some very fine costly rough...
< Rough Issues >

All That Glitters visited the high deserts of Oregon (July 2007) in search of Sunstone. Read about the trip, view photos and learn more about Oregon Sunstone...
< ATG Oregon Sunstone Mining Trip >

More and More deception is being seen on the internet. See some of the cases that All That Glitters has encountered. Most of it is hard to believe!
< Online Gemstone Deception >

Learn more about the owner of All That Glitters and the search for gemstones... Eagle Tribune Interview - October 2006 In the Loupe:
< Gemologist Travels Globe for Stones >
gemologist travels globe for stones

Read questions asked of the owner of All That Glitters, as well as the candid answers, during an interview and photo shoot for the Eagle Tribune (Oct 2006):
< Eagle Tribune Questions >

All That Glitters' gemstones may be impossible to compare to "similar" ones in the market due to rarity, color, size or clarity. Learn more about the All That Glitters Exclusive Approach, which is not a marketing strategy but actually based on knowledge of what makes a fine exquisite rare gemstone...
< All That Glitters' Exclusive Approach >

"Paraiba" is being re-defined within the Gemstone Trade. Learn More about what may be defined as "Paraiba" Tourmaline:
< Paraiba Nomenclature >
Update on the Paraiba Tourmaline Origin (JCK Magazine 2006)
AGTA - The Question of Paraiba (No longer available)
< Paraiba Lawsuit Dismissed >

ATG News Release (July 17, 2006) - 500ct Watermelon Tourmaline Slice from Maine Destined for Future Maine Museum; All That Glitters recently sold a slice of Maine History, a watermelon slice to be more exact, but this slice is not edible... (Learn More about the history of Tourmaline in Maine by visiting this link)

ATG News Release (November 2004) - World Class Gemstone Finds New Home
Large Color Changing Turkish Diaspore Finds a New Home...

ATG News Release (October 2004) - Rare Turkish Color Changing Diaspore in ATG Inventory
Rare Gemstone is a Turkish Delight for this New England company...

ATG News Release (August 2004) - New Facet Design **Elegante** Created
After many months of design and trial/error, a new gemstone cutting design debuts...

GEMS - Legend and Lore Cedar Wings Magazine Article Text by: Hania Jurdak Photos by: L. Allen Brown/All That Glitters

Want to learn more about Gemstones??? Live in the New England Area?? Join the Continuing Ed Class "The World Of Gemstones" at North Essex Community College, taught by the owner and founder of All That Glitters - L. Allen Brown. Future schedules will be posted here but might not always be available:
< The World of Gemstones at NECCO  >
northern essex adult ed course

The 4C's of Colored Gemstones

Synthetic vs. Simulant - Prices of Synthetics can be many times that of a simulant. What is the difference?

Alexandrite (Natural)Synthetic Alexandrite

All That Glitters Local Business Profile - Lawrence Eagle Tribune article

Apatite - Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK article) featuring Apatite Rough from All That Glitters

David Stanley - Gemstone Sculptor (retired) We still have a few pieces of this artists' work!

Diaspore - A Wonderful Color Changing Gemstone that is giving Alexandrite a run for the money!

Facetating Gems - Coast and Country Article with quotes from the owner of All That Glitters

Imperial Malaia Garnet - Named by L. Allen Brown, the owner of All That Glitters (GIA Article and other info available)

Maine Amethyst Find - Lawrence Eagle Tribune Article - Read about the All That Glitters Connection; Interview with L. Allen Brown


Tanzanite - Before It Was Tanzanite: Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK article);
All That Glitters discloses interesting feature of Tanzanite.

View Rough and the Faceted Gemstone Produced

World of Gemstones - All That Glitters TV Show