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We discontinued our merchant account that allowed us to directly accept all credit cards after our TV Show, The World of Gemstones. This, along with our our prescence on the internet starting in 1999, allowed us to save money and pass the savings onto our customers since monthly fees were saved and the internet allowed relatively easy payment through PayPal. Due to issues/problems/concerns many merchants are leaving PayPal for a number of reasons, including more security, easier transactions and the fact that should a customer return an item, the associated fees from PayPal were no longer being returned - as of October 2019. These fees were then incurred by our customers - and we feel that wasn't fair. We hope to add a few more payment options in the near future as new options become available...

Intent to Purchase Form is found at the bottom all pages where there are items for sale.

Contact Info:
All That Glitters
272 Broadway #732
Methuen, MA 01844  USA
Telephone: 978-975-2272

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Due to problems we have encountered with PayPal, we are now working with Square, which allows us to accept payments from ALL Credit Cards as well as cash. You do not need to have a Square account to send funds. While we attempt to create forms for entry of your purchases, you can send us an email indicating any items you would like to purchase, and we will send you a Square Invoice via email. You may also pay via Square on the phone, but you will need to give us prior notice so that we can bring up the application on our side and then enter required details when on the phone. Cash App payment is also possible through Square.
For More Information, Contact All That Glitters via Email, Phone or via our Intent to Purchase Form:  
Contact Us    Intent to Purchase
To learn more about Square, click on the logo below:


Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way to send money to, and receive money from, people and eligible small businesses you know and trust who have a bank account in the U.S. -- typically in minutes when both sender and receiver are already enrolled with Zelle at their financial institution or in the Zelle app.
For More Information or for our Zelle Username for making a purchase, Contact All That Glitters via Email, Phone or via our Intent to Purchase Form:  
Contact Us    Intent to Purchase
To Visit the Zelle Website, click on the logo below:


Venmo is a digital wallet that makes payments easier for everyone from students to small businesses. Since 2009, Venmo has been the app for fast, safe payments to friends, family, businesses and others. You can send funds to All That Glitters using your Venmo balance, debit card, or bank account. When using your credit card with Venmo, there will be a 3.5% charge due to fees incurred on our end. Customers using Venmo typically avoid fees by paying with their Venmo balance, debit card or bank account. Venmo is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to send funds.
For More Information or for our Venmo Username for purchasing, Contact All That Glitters via Email, Phone or via our Intent to Purchase Form:  
Contact Us    Intent to Purchase
To Visit the Venmo Website, click on the logo below:


This method of bank account to bank account transfer is becoming more popular. One can send funds directly from a popmoney account or via an individual's bank account if the bank uses popmoney.
For More Information, Contact All That Glitters via Email, Phone or via our Intent to Purchase Form:  
Contact Us    Intent to Purchase
To learn more about popmoney, Visit the popmoney Website - click on the logo below:


Wise, formerly Transferwise, provides international money transfer services. The company enables users to send money and businesses to make payments. It also provides an application that enables users to track their transfers on the go, or make new ones. This process avoids currency conversion and transfers crossing borders.
For More Information, Contact All That Glitters via Email, Phone or via our Intent to Purchase Form:  
Contact Us    Intent to Purchase
To Visit the Wise Website, click on the logo below:


Effective in 2021, after 20 Years with PayPal, we are no longer accepting payment through PayPal due to issues encountered with this company. We have stopped utilizing their services but continue to use Square, Venmo, Zelle, popmoney, Wise and other services/applications as well as Personal/Bank Checks, Wire Transfers and Bank/Bank Transfers. We are considering alternatives and will update our customers in the future as new payment methods are added.
(Note that we still have access to PayPal and can accept payment through the app, but must charge 3.5% to offset fees.)
Contact us via Phone, Email or use our Intent To Purchase Form to discuss payment.


Domestic Shipping/Insurance Information:

Domestic Shipping/Insurance via USPS
Under $500: $20.00
Over $500 and less than $2,000: $25.00
Over $2,000 and less than $5,000: $30.00
Over $5,000 and less than $10,000: $40.00
Over $10,000: $50.00

Domestic purchases up to approximately $5,000 are usually shipped by USPS Priority.
Values greater than this amount are typically shipped via Registered USPS and Insured for the full value.
Federal Express is possible but at a higher cost.

International Shipping/Insurance Information:

International Shipping/Insurance via FedEx
Under $5,000: $150
Over $5,000 and less than $10,000: $200
Over $10,000 and less than $25,000: $250
Over $25,000 and less than $50,000: $350
Over $50,000: $500 and up

International Shipments will be sent via Federal Express. The costs for shipping and insurance are quoted above but may vary. We have shipped packages valued at over $50,000 without issues in the past, but there is always an inherent risk though typically small. Therefore, if there are issues or loss, one has recourse.

For International Shipping/Insurance up to $2,499, we may be able to ship via USPS International Priority which ranges from $65 to $100 depending on value, but may not be fully insure depending on the destination. Contact All That Glitters via Email or via Intent to Purchase Form for more information and an exact quote for shipping and insurable amounts.

International customers are advised to contact us prior to purchase so as to discuss expected arrival, to discuss possible customs charges, invoicing, etc. Insurance is provided by a third party and that typically runs 1% of the value of the package contents. We have negotiated this low rate, as some companys will charge 2% for coverage while in transit. The above values include the insurance but may vary depending on the contents value; very high valued shipments may require to be broken up into two shipments for insurance purposes.

We are not responsible for items that have been signed for, but not received by the intended recipient.

Obtaining More Information on Items of Interest

Included in this web site are links to pages containing photos of just a few gemstones and jewelry that are available. There are also inventory lists in text format that can be accessed that will provide information on all available items. Customers may search the inventory text files for items of interest. They may contact All That Glitters via email or telephone if more information is required, such as a more detailed description of the color, shape, dimensions, clarity, etc. A photograph may be sent via email to show the shape or color of any particular piece. Should a particular gemstone not be available in inventory, please feel free to contact us with your request as we may be able to facet the gemstone from our rough.

With over 43 years in the gemstone/jewelry trade, we have established connections around the world and our business associates living in the gem producing countries, may to contacted to help us locate your specific gemstone. We encourage goldsmiths and jewelry stores to visit our website and use our inventory and images to make a sale. Please take advantage of the capability of the internet and email. Transactions are fast and easy - information, photos or 'your' gemstone needs are just an email or phone call away!


For those hesitating on making a purchase, All That Glitters has been supplying the gemstone community for over 43 years. The numerous professional trade journal articles with our company name and contact information, should indicate that we are a legitimate company with integrity. We seek to provide our customers with service, quality and gemstones that very few in this trade can provide.
For dealers, we recommend that you contact the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) in Providence, Rhode Island.

For the general public, feel free to contact us and we can put you in touch with individuals who have been dealing with us for decades.

Also, you may visit our Testimonials page to see what some of our customers had to say in emails regarding our website or when receiving their All That Glitters purchase!

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

*** Satisfaction is Guaranteed or Your Money Back ***

We are confident that your purchase will meet or exceed your expectations in both quality and price. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, please contact us to explain why you are not satisfied. You must receive approval/authorization for returns by simply calling us or sending an email. Returns without prior knowledge will not be accepted. Customers have 10 Days to notify us an item will be returned. This 10 Day notice begins upon confirmation of receipt. We inspect all merchandise prior to shipping. Items must be returned in the same condition as sent and be fully insured or loss/damage is the responsibility of the sender. Return postage and insurance will be paid by the customer. Any fees incurred on our end due to PayPal charges or other payment services not reimbursed, original postage, etc. are the responsibility of the customer.
(Customers notifying us from 11-14 days after confirmation of receipt, will be issued a Credit valid for One Year from the time that the item is returned. After 14 days, there will be no refunds.)

Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee that your purchase from All That Glitters is indeed what we say it is, regardless of the time that has passed from the original purchase date....or your money back. If we are aware or suspect enhancement/treatment of your gemstone, we will disclose these facts. Should an item not be what is stated on your receipt or enhancement is not disclosed, the item may be returned at any time. The problem must be documented by a qualified gem lab such as GIA, IGI, AGL, Gubelin Lab, The issue requires documentation from the gem lab and All That Glitters should be contacted when the problem has been discovered and prior to return shipment. This guarantee covers identification of the species of gemstone, natural origin vs. synthetic (if that is the case). It does not cover the gemstones weight being off (+/-) a few points, as this is a scale accuracy isssue, nor does it cover color descriptions.
The LifeTime Guarantee is in place to protect our customers to insure an accurate identification of the gemstone species purchased and that it is natural and not synthetic.

If a gemstone is not already certed, we will state what we were told from the seller with respect to whether a gemstone is believe to be have been heated or not - there are many instances where gemstones are typically heated and are expected to be heated, such as Sapphire, Ruby, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, many Tourmaline, Zircon and other natural gemstones. For gemstones believed to be heated that prove to be unheated, or gemstones suspected of no heat that might be certed as being heated, the LifeTime Guarantee would not be covered. We do our best to indicate these enhancements if known and pass information from the seller to our customers. We have encountered instances where a gemstone (specifically corundum, Ruby and Sapphire), that were thought to be heated and turned out to be unheated; and a few cases where it was thought that the gemstone was unheated and turned out to be heated.

In over 43 years, All That Glitters has never had an item returned under these circumstances. Please note that some gemstones are assumed to have some form of treatment. Two examples of this would be Blue Topaz (irradiated/heated) and Aquamarine is typically heated to drive off the yellow, thereby producing a more pure blue. Tanzanite is another gemstone that is usually heated and this again, is a standard practice. Corundum, (Sapphire and Ruby) also fall into this typically heated category also. Please refer to studies indicating types of enhancement that may be performed on all gemstone varieties you are considering purchasing. All That Glitters typically does not sell Be Diffusion treated gemstones unless requested. We sometimes have some items due to their uniqueness, but this enhancement would clearly be stated. In the case of Be Diffusion, this would certainly be covered in the LifeTime Guarantee if not disclosed or discovered prior after sale.

To learn more about what some companies may not explain to their customers, refer to the following link:
< Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware >

On Hold Policy & Making Payments

10% of the Price of the Item Required to Initially Place Item On Hold.
Maximum On Hold Timeframe with Payments Allowed is 6 Months.
Payments Expected Monthly.
If On Hold is Cancelled, 50% of the Received Funds Will Not Be Returned. These Non-Refundable funds will be used to offset charges for fees associated with receiving payments through a payment app if utilized, as well as all the costs associated with tracking payments, verification of payments, database/website changes, Fully Insured Priority Shipping and more...)
Once Paid in Full, the item will be sent to the customer via Priority Mail Fully Insured (or similar shipping). We must receive notice of a return within 10 Days after your item has been received/signed for. Item must be returned in the Original Condition as Sent/Received. We will provide mailing instructions to help you in the process; returned items should be fully insured with a signature request.
A Credit will be Issued Towards a Future Purchase.
If Not Notified of a Return after 10 Days, There Will Be No Refund or Credit.
Credits will Expire in One Year.
The Above Policies are Quite Generous Compared to Other Businesses in this trade as those business typically have the following policy - Cancellation of an Item On Hold Results in No Return of Any Funds Received. Many also will not allow items to be placed On Hold or the make payments toward a purchase.


This phrase is used to indicate there is interest from a customer and may indicate any of the following:
Awaiting Funds
Awaiting Verification of Funds
In Transit to Customer
Awaiting Customer Final Approval Payments are Currently Being Made by a Customer

If you are interested in an item which displays this phrase, be sure to contact us and we will provide you with more information and also note that you are interested. If the item is available, you would be next in line and have first refusal.

Funds on Account

If customers have funds on account after a year, an email will be sent indicating the amount and the customer will have 2 weeks to make a purchase. Funds will be returned less 10% as a small fee for the paperwork and time necessary to keep track of such things.

Refunds and Guarantees

All That Glitters has two wonderful return policies, a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well as a LifeTime Guarantee. For more information on this, please visit the following pages:
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
LIFETIME Guarantee

View/Choose Gemstones at Your Leisure at Home...

Not Sure Which Gemstone in the All That Glitters Inventory Is Best for You??
It can be a daunting choice when looking at the numerous gemstones in our inventory. If you have narrowed down your gemstone choices to a few gemstones and would like to view them in person to help in making a final decision, with our wonderful 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can purchase a few gemstones to make an in-person decision on which gemstone speaks to you with respect to shape, color, cutting, size, briliance, sparkle etc. This is a great way to compare multiple gemstones at the same time side by side to make the best choice for you! (Please be careful when viewing any gemstone as if dropped, a gemstone can be easily chipped or scratched under certain circumstances.) Simply let us know that you will be returning a gemstone(s) within 10 days of receipt and we will provide some general instructions on how to safefly ship. We will refund your payment on the returned gemstone once it has been received and in the same condition as initally sent out. (Note this option is possible for minerals and any item in the All That Glitters inventory.)