All That Glitters' Exclusive Approach

For those seeking high quality and uniqueness at a very affordable price given the rarity, All That Glitters is the answer. Our material is sought out by those collectors, goldsmiths or the average person who desire the best that they can afford and frequently do research to increase their knowledge before making a purchase. Once a customer has been dazzled by color and sparkle of our gemstones, their purchase from All That Glitters will become heirlooms passed down to future generations. A customers gemstone will reap unexpected rewards via praise and conversation, as well as piece of mind that their gemstone is as unique as they are...become a part of the All That Glitters' Legacy.

With decades of experience in the wholesale gemstone business, All That Glitters has refined their inventory to include rare, well cut, large, unusually colored examples of particular gemstones. This goal has been achieved by personal selection of the rough and overseeing the faceting, most of which occurs in the United States. We do not facet for the heaviest gemstone but for the most beautiful gemstone that can be produced from a specific piece of rough. This immediately implies a larger loss of the original material. Due to the rarity All That Glitters seeks, there are very few pieces of rough to choose from, because the color, clarity, shape, size, price, etc. desired is not common. We consider ourselves fortunate at times if we only find one piece of a particular gemstone that matches our criteria. When that piece is faceted and then sold, there is no guarantee that other similar pieces will be discovered. In fact, regardless of the funds offered by a customer, money is not the determining factor of a sale. Though we deal directly with mine owners, miners and other business associates in the gem producing areas of the world, the material that we seek is rarely found in quantity and certainly, not on command. These minerals were grown in the earth many millions of years ago, and only under specific conditions do they occur in quality that we call gemstones. Only a very small percentage of these gemstones would be of the size, color, clarity and orientation that warrant inclusion into the All That Glitters' inventory.

A goldsmith in a well known high end Boston jewelry store had the following comments after viewing a few select All That Glitters' gemstones:
They (Tiffany) try to create an exclusive offering; but one where its available to all their stores/clients. In fact more of a "Limited" offering than an exclusive one. Your unique gems, though, require an even more "exclusive" approach. These should be presented, quite literally, as a once in a lifetime opportunity! These stones are cut to each crystal's unique potential; and not really reproducible if passed up.

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All That Glitters' owner personally met with the President and CEO of the jewelry store mentioned above to discuss their marketing strategy with respect to colored gemstones, a largely unknown/previously unexplored market for this prestigious company. The gemstones from All That Glitters were so exclusive and one of a kind, that their customers would not be able to "price shop". Visiting another business and finding a similar gemstone was impossible. Not only could price shopping not occur, but the jewelry store also knew that the gemstones they would sell were so unique and fine, that it reflected positively on their well established store. A win-win situation, thanks to All That Glitters.

The All That Glitters' Exclusive Approach is not a marketing strategy, but a business objective. L. Allen Brown, owner of All That Glitters, has a Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and over 43 years of experience in the gemstone trade. Mr. Brown's extensive knowledge and experience allows recognition of the unique and rare. Sharing exclusive gemstones with those who share this love and enthusiasm, whether it be the trade or the public, is Mr. Brown's reward. Mass marketing of the more common gemstones of commercial quality is far more profitable, but it is Mr. Brown's quest to find the best gemstones and rough at the best price. Hopefully, every now and then, Mr. Brown finds those gems that glitter and shine above all others.