L. Allen Brown Presents - The World of Gemstones on WGOT-TV60 (1996/1997)

All That Glitters
The World of Gemstones

(Dialogue from the Introduction)

Allen Brown founded a gemstone importing business called All That Glitters over 15 years ago in Methuen, Massachusetts. He built a reputation wholesaling to the jewelry community, based not only on quality and price, but also honesty and professionalism.

Mr. Brown earned his Gemologist degree after studying Diamonds, Diamond Grading, Colored Stones, Gemstone Identification and Colored Gemstone Grading with the Gemological Institute of America (known as the GIA). A gemologist diploma represents the highest level of professional training in the gemstone/jewelry industry. He also holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of New Hampshire, and has taken courses in Instrumentation, Lasers, Optics and the Causes of Color.

Mr. Brown has appeared on the front page of the Business section in local newspapers more than once and has been called on to share his knowledge of gemstones for articles which have been published in national magazines. Photographs of his gemstones and mineral specimens have appeared in internationally known magazines including the prestigious Gems & Gemology Magazine, published by GIA.

Faceted and rough gemstones are personally selected by Mr. Brown or by All That Glitters affiliates living in countries such as Brasil, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya Madagascar, Pakistan, Afghanistan and even the U.S. These affiliates, often miners themselves, visit the mining districts in their country to obtain gemstones at their source. The best of this material is then re-selected by Mr. Brown for color, clarity and potential yield; this in-depth knowledge is not obtained from books or classes, but through years of experience. To release the internal beauty hidden within a rough gemstone, Mr. Brown utilizes the cutting expertise of U.S. cutters, as well as artisans abroad.

Customers include well-known individuals selling on the shopping channels, other wholesalers, jewelers, goldsmiths, jewelry manufacturers, as well as collectors and individuals seeking uniqueness, quality and price.

Over the years, the public has become familiar with All That Glitters and Mr. Brown through the college classes he has taught and newspaper articles. The public has had the opportunity to make purchases from All That Glitters at International Gem and Jewelry Shows, Private Hotel Shows, Local Gem & Mineral Shows and even mail order through magazines, such as The Lapidary Journal and the affluent Robb Report. Though All That Glitters is not open to the public, you can view and purchase high quality, well priced merchandise on New England's first television offering of quality gemstones, jewelry and mineral speciemens, here on The World of Gemstones .

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