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We were glad to hear that one of our customers felt that our Diamond Pricing was very low. She had wanted an explanation as to how this was possible. Below, is some information on how All That Glitters sells way below other businesses and we specifically address the particular Diamond of interest. Our reply below addresses her questions.

Glad to hear that you feel the pricing is low. That is indeed our goal. We are a wholesaler of fine colored gemstones and purchase as close to the source as possible, cutting from rough, recutting if necessary, etc. Have over 43 years in the business. We are acting as a broker of Diamonds - selling them at a very low price with a very small markup compared to stores/others. For the profit seen, no other company or store would typically sell at these prices to the trade (and certainly not to a retail customer); we believe a small profit is still profit and value new customers and their future business/recommendations.

Details of the Diamond discussed:
3.03ct Emerald Cut, VSI, G Color with EGL (USA) Cert
Noted as having Excellent Polish and Symmetry; No Fluorescence
This partciular diamond also had an appraisal from the Universal Gemological Services with a Replacement Value of $91,820 (UGS is an Affiliate of EGL USA)
EGL Cert with independent replacement value document: 3.03ct Emerald Cut; G color; VS1 clarity

The All That Gliters Price was: $24,697.53
The customers comment was: "I just haven't seen a high quality emerald cut diamond of good quality/clarity for less than $42,000". By the customers own disclosures, it seems that purchasing this diamond from All That Glitters would save her over $17,000. From the estimated replacement value noted on a related UGS appraisal, it would be a savings of more than $67,000. We feel that the replacement cost is probably for insurance purposes and they must use markups and wholesale cost from sources like The Guide, Rappaport, and one shouldn't put much faith in what could be a high figure, but it does give one an idea that there is definitely savings here.

We sell/broker diamonds at a very low price, providing customers with big savings on what they seek in Diamonds. By offering Certified Diamonds from a qualified source/lab (GIA or EGL US), you obtain an independent report from a business that has no interest in a sale. We would expect a Diamond purchased through All That Glitters would sell for about 50% more in stores (possibly more, but we do not know the full mark up within stores and that can vary widely).

In conclusion, we save our customers Big $$$ on their Diamond purchases. Contact Us Now and Start Saving....

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