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Neon Apatite - Large, Mostly Eye Clean and Well Cut......

It is rare to find eye clean Neon Apatite in sizes over a few carats.Back in about 1995,the owner of All That Glitters found a few large pieces of rough.The rough was from Madagascar and these few pieces were studied to determine the estimated yield,inclusions, etc.Only 3 pieces of rough were purchased and these pieces produced a 4.95ct Square, an 11.33ct piece and a monstrous museum piece weighing 20+ct . These three apatites were borrowed by theGemological Institute of America (GIA) to be photographed for a future article on this material.The 20+ct piece was featured in the introduction of the All That Glitters TV Show - The World of Gemstones, in 1996.We have not seen this material in the rough nor have we seen faceted pieces of decent size, color or clarity for several years.In fact, in speaking to a cutter recently, he indicated that he had never seen clean/large rough that would faceted more than about a 2ct stone!!

paraiba-like neon apatite paraiba-like neon apatite
Very Large 10.72ct Cushion Cut Neon Paraiba Blue Apatite. It truly has that Paraiba Blue color, and can be seen from 30 feet away with no problem! An incredible piece and the body color is that wonderful color that you see at the bottom of the gemstone in the above photo. Think of a bright neon Caribbean Ocean if you are unfamiliar with Paraiba Tourmaline. This has a checkerboard top, which provides flashes off the highly polished surface when any movement is encountered. The photo does not do this gem justice, but like Ruby and other gemstones, we sometimes cannot capture accurate color. This will sell to the first person who has the opportunity to see this in person. There is only one other gemstone that can look like Paraiba Tourmaline, and that are some very special rare pieces of Apatite - such as this one... (ucsc-10-02) Approx: 15.3x11.3x9.0mm. Contact Us for Pricing.
This Large Blue Apatite from Madagascar weighs in at 8.60cts and was faceted by our Award Winning Supreme Master Gemcutter, Stephen Kotlowski. He has called this cut the Owl Half Moon. There is some green, making this a beautiful teal color, but the predominant color is blue! Unheard of in this size, cutting and clarity. This rough was obtained in Madagascar over 10 years ago! (mj3inc-04-03c) $2,580 Approximately: 13.98x10.14x8.64mm
You can see the actual rough from which this was faceted by visiting the JCK Article from 2004 on Apatite: JCK Apatite Article
Results just back from our Master Cutter(Stephen Kotlowski), a 10.15ct Kitty Kat Kut Teal Madagascar Apatite! Unheard of in this size, cutting and clarity. This rough was obtained in Madagascar over 10 years ago! (mj3inc-04-02b) $3,045 Approximately: 17.15x9.13x8.33mm
You can see the actual rough from which this was faceted by visiting the JCK Article from 2004 on Apatite: JCK Apatite Article
Almost a 13ct ct Neon Apatite!!
This Neon Blue Apatite hails from the same country that produced our previous neon Apatites, including the ones that were photographed by GIA for a future article. This particular gem was faceted from a piece of rough that appeared in JCK magazine. (The piece of rough is the largest in the photo, and appears far more green in the photo than in person.) The All That Glitters Neon Apatites have received much press because of their size, color and clarity. This one falls into that category too, but it was also faceted by our Master Facetor, Stephen Kotlowski. Each facet meets perfectly. The future owner could enter this piece into one of the annual cutting competitions. The color of this gemstone is diffrernt from the other simiilar gemstones we have faceted. This is not a true blue, but more of a bluish green or deep teal. Unique Deep Bluish Green Apaptite faceted by our Master Cutter, Stephen Kotlowski, who called this color Caribbean. 17.38x12.03x9.20mm (mj3inc-04-02a) $6,129
5.48ct U.S. Cut Neony Green Blue Apatite A few inclusions are present, but not readily eye visible. (mj3inc-04-03a) $1,644
apatite_1133pt_neon_turquoise_cushion_3 apatite_1133pt_neon_turquoise_cushion_4
11.33ct Neon Apatite - U.S. Cut!
The color of this piece is a deep neon blue with a hint of green (to the discerning eye). There is nothing else in this color, size, cutting, clarity on the market - this is another One of a Kind, All That Glitters Exclusive. 16.4x10.0x8.2mm (mjthre-97-01b) $3,399 May appear in Gems and Gemology Magazine in the future! (This appears in the photo below)
All That Glitter's Neon Apatites that will be featured in a future article in Gems and Gemology Magazine (GIA)
apatites_grp_corrected_sm_ apatite_large_corrected_sm_ATG-GIA

Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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