Gemstones - Tourmaline

Since 1981, we have been bullish on Tourmaline due to the hardness, color range, size, rarity and low price. Over the past few years, larger and/or finer colors of Tourmaline have started selling for $1000+/ct on both the retail and wholesale markets. Higher priced material prior to this time frame was Paraiba Tourmaline (1989) and more recently, the deposits of the wonderfully colored Mozambique Tourmaline (2006 +/-) which has essentially disappeared from the market as the mine/locality has not been producing as it once had. (A small parcel of very fine Mozambique Tourmaline rough was offered to All That Glitters from the mine owner in 2013 at a value of $1,100,000.)

Look below the faceted gemstone to view what the rough looked like before cutting!
tourmaline rough tourmaline
0.94ct Oval Tourmaline, Slight Color Shift, Unique Color U.S. Cut (eagt-03-01c) $188
nigerian tourmaline
4.09ct Round Tourmaline
A nicely faceted tourmaline with all kinds of colors displaying depending on the angle of viewing and the lights present. 10mm in diameter (precgem-99-1u) $2,250
neon pink tourmaline
4.92ct, Neon GLOWING Pink Oval Tourmaline (mad-03-03) Nicely Cut. If only this material was still available and at a good price, we would buy as much as we could! $3,444 (Doesn't brown out under incandescent!)
Measures approx 11.8x9.7x7.3mm
blue green tourmaline
green blue tourmaline
A - 1.44ct Wonderful Blue-Green Square Cut Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (norgem-98b-7c) $864
B - 4.02ct Green-Blue Fancy Emerald Cut Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (norgem-98b-8c) $2,613
Small inclusions - Again, expected of some of the fine blue-green, green-blue bright tourmaline.
golden tourmaline
golden green tourmaline
smoky gold tourmaline
A - 3.54ct Trilliant Golden Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (kybrimp-96-1a) $443
B - 2.99ct Greenish Gold Round Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (rckmin-96-01d) $448
C - 5.99ct Trilliant Deep Smoky Gold Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (kybrimp-96-1c) $449
Stones above may have some small inclusions, but they are not that noticeable without magnification.
neony blue tourmaline
neony blue tourmaline
neony blue tourmaline
3.97ct Bright Neony Blue Tourmaline
This material displays a bright blue under incandescent and sunlight, and a more subdued blue under incandescent. This gem was faceted from the rough by our U.S. Cutters. There may be some small inclusions within the stone, but nothing that detracts from the beauty - note that this is typically expected when one finds a color like this in tourmaline. A Paraiba look-a-like! Far less saturated blue, but still neony, fetches $2,000/ct (wholesale) in Thailand. This is faceted not only in the US and the cutting is superior to most cutting done in Thailand, but the inclusions are small and the color is head and shoulders above the color just described that is occasionally seen in the gemstone buying offices in Thailand. (norgem-98b-c1) $6,948
As seen in Cedar WIngs Magazine - Cedar Wings Article
Tourmaline from the famous Golconda Tourmaline Mine - Decades Old Material! Location, Location, Location!
golconda bluish tourmaline golconda green tourmaline
A - 3.70ct Emerald Cut Blue Golconda Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (atoz-97a-01e) $3,700
B - 4.61ct Opposed Bar Green Golconda Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (atoz-97a-01f) $3,688 Small inclusions not affecting appearance. A VERY bad photo, as it is a super green, with lots of sparkle and high polish!
green tourmaline green tourmaline
4.34ct Elongated Emerald Cut Tourmaline
U.S. Faceted (nur-unk-97-1b) $3,038 Some small inclusions
blue tourmaline green tourmaline deep green tourmaline
A - 1.28ct Oval Blue Tourmaline (igl-92-02a) $640
B - 3.85ct Elongated Fancy Cut Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (kybrimp-97-04) $2,310
C - 3.04ct Emerald Cut Deep Green Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (nur-unk-97-1a) $1,976
Might have small inclusions but not detrimental to appearance
blue green tourmaline sapphre blue tourmaline
A - 0.85ct Blue/Green Trilliant Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (norgem-98b-c4) $400
B - 2.54ct Half Oval Blue Tourmaline, Midnight blue and Sapphire Blue - very unique color! U.S. Cut (kybrimp-97-02) $1,397
Green Blue or Blue Green Tourmaline - U.S Faceted
The gemstones below will color shift under different lights. Typically, under fluorescent lights, the color is subdued, pastel or lighter. Under sunlight or incandescent light, the colors are much brighter and some are neony. The photos below where photographed under office fluorescent lights. Note also that these colors typically have some inclusions but none of the stones below have anything that is detrimental. These gemstones are also highly dichroic so turning the gemstone slightly may give an entirely different color such as blue, green and variations of those colors. You can see this natural physical characteristic of tourmaline in the photos below .
blue green tourmaline blue green tourmaline
blue tourmaline blue tourmaline
green blue tourmaline green blue tourmaline
A - 1.83ct Blue Green Elongated Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (kybrimp-97-03) $1,098
B - 2.60ct Opposed Bar Cut Blue Tourmaline , U.S. Cut (kybrimp-97-01) $1,300
C - 3.40ct Emerald Cut Green Blue Tourmaline , U.S. Cut (norgem-98b-c3) $2,550
green blue tourmaline green blue tourmaline green blue tourmaline
2.86ct Elongated Emerald Cut Green Blue Tourmline
Depending on the lights, the angle at which this tourmaline is viewed from or even the angle at which the stone is tilted, one gets a number of different colors from this gemstone. Read the text in the preceding table above for more information. U.S. Cut (norgem-98b-c5) $1,430
extreme pink tourmaline blue green tourmaline
A - 3.57ct Fan Shaped Intense Pink Nigerian Tourmaline, (precgem-00-1a) Just and incredible color and sparkle and doesn't brown out. $3,213Cut by the award winning John Dyer many years ago before he was well known!
B - 2.25ct Elongated Green-Blue Tourmaline, Brazil, (mvk-7256-13) $1,294
blue green tourmaline blue green tourmaline
4.93ct Bluish Green Tourmaline
This tourmaline picks up different colors depending on the available light. It can be a bright bluish green to a deeper blue green. The cutting style on this piece is unique and has a nice play of light. There is a stress fracture deep in the stone which can be seen in the photos. This is very typical of tourmaline and in this case, it should not affect the setting of the gemstone and it is not very visible due to the cutting and scintillation of the stone when it is being moved around or being worn as a piece of jewelry. The line that is visible in the photo above is what is being described. It is evident in the photos since the photo is still and the fine faceting of the piece is not sparkling. In looking at this piece with glasses that are 2x, it is difficult to find. For the size of the stone, along with the color and the cutting, the price is very reasonable. $1,972 (fivlgem-96-01)
pink tourmaline
2.33ct Deep Pink Round Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (precgem-99-1k) - $932
pink tourmaline
2.83ct Octagon Deep Pink Tourmaline, U.S. Cut (alcush-96-01d) - $1,451
color shifting tourmaline
4.52ct Emerald Cut Tourmaline, Slight Color Shift, U.S. Cut (eagt-03-01a) $1,130
pink tourmaline
4.85ct Opposed Bar Mix, Dusty Rose to Hot Pink Tourmaline!! (alcush-96c-1a) $2,789
bright blue tourmaline
0.68ct Round Neony Blue Tourmaline - $500
rubellite tourmaline
4.99ct Oval Rubellite (Red Tourmaline - Brasil), a few small visible inclusions (typical of this species). It is not a very lively gemstone, but what one obtains is a nice deep Ruby color which is what one desires from this Tourmaline species/group. Prices for Rubellites (with the expected inclusions) keep going up and up! For the size and color - RUBY Red (this would be a gemstone that shows where Rubellite got it's name), which doesn't brown out, this is another very much underpriced gem! There is also a story behind this gem - it was purchased from an associate of a business contact of the owner of All That Glitters - this was one of the personal gems of this person, but he was forced to sell it as he needed to have an operation on his throat as he could only speak in a whisper at the time. It was purchased to help him obtain funds but we are certainly glad to have this gem in inventory!
liddicoatite tourmaline liddicoatite tourmaline
Liddicoatite Tourmaline (Madagascar), 8.63ct (alcush-96-01o) $648

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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