David Stanley - Gemstone Sculptor

I have known David Stanley for many years. His art/craft has changed over these years. Though I see him yearly, he hasn't discussed his previous work from the 1990's - Gemstone Sculpting. I do not believe that he is doing this artistry as it is very time consuming and therefore costly. The last purchase of this material that I made occurred in the early 1990's when he visited my office. Though there were a few hundred pieces shown to me, I chose only a few that I thought showed high quality, uniqueness and an interesting design that would lend to a unique ring or pendant design.

Note that the remaining few pieces I have will be sold with a certificate signed by David Stanley and briefly describing the stones. His sculpted stones are rarely seen on the market as those purchasing them will not sell them. Below is an article from Modern Jewelers Magazine describing his work.

A - David Stanley Sculpted Interlocking Citrine( 2.11ct)/Amethyst(2.90ct) $735 (dstan-90a#)
Signed statement of authenticity by David Stanley
B - David Stanley Sculpted Green Tourmaline(3.99ct) $650 (dstan-90e#)
Signed statement of authenticity by David Stanley
C - David Stanley Sculpted Interlocking Citrine(2.26ct)/Amethyst(3.48ct) $825 (dstan-90c#)
Signed statement of authenticity by David Stanley
These pieces were designed by David Stanley, one of the first Americans working in a similar fashion to Munsteiner in Germany. These unique pieces were chosen from a few hundred pieces of David's work in 1990. They were chosen based on the designs, keeping the customer and goldsmith in mind. Note that the citrine and amethyst pieces are separate pieces, and one can separate them with a bar of gold, diamonds, other gemstones or whatever the customer desires.