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Demantoid Garnet (Namibia) - Great Color and Dispersion(Fire)
Demantoid Garnet fancy shape - Demantoid Garnet
A - 1.65ct Oval Demantoid Garnet, good Green with lots of Disperson! (jdbkk-15-05) $3,300
B - 1.65ct Fancy Trilliant/Triangle Demantoid Garnet, good Green with lots of Dispersion! (jdbkk-15-06) $3,500
An Unheard of Rarity - 2.71ct Bicolor Andradite-Demantoid Garnet
demantoid demantoid
This is certainly a one of a kind piece and has been certed as a Demantoid - how often does one see a bicolor in Demantoid Garnet? A few small inclusions as one can see, but doesn't affect the rarity and uniqueness of this particular gem! The GIA Cert has a decent photo of this gem in the cert below. This One-Of-A-Kind piece was discussed at length in the GIA GemLab among the 3 who work there. They all agreed that it was an Andradite, but the variety was not listed as Demantoid because Demantoid is green; the other half is a reddish and that would not be called Demantoid. In a telephone conversation between the Manager of the GemLab Identification Services and the owner of All That Glitters, (Mr. Brown), Mr. Brown was told that they thought it very unique and something that they really hadn't seen before. The manager also stated that they do not print "rare", "one of a kind" , "unique", etc. on certs, even though that might be the case. He was nice enough to indicate that he would be more than welcome to discuss this 'unique' piece with a potential customer. Contact us for more details! (btgem-11-03)
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This gemstone was unique enough to capture the attention outside of the U.S. and now appears online in the following article:
demantoid demantoid
A - 1.28ct Oval Demantoid Garnet (Namibia). Nicely faceted, eye clean with nice dispersion! (kjcl-11-20) $2,304
B - 1.54ct Oval Demantoid Garnet (Namibia). Nicely faceted, eye clean with nice dispersion! Photo does not do this gem justice! (kjcl-11-23) $3,080
2.43ct Demantoid Garnet - a nice sparkler with dispersion and a color which is a mix of green and yellow, as well as a touch of olive. Namibia (kjcl-11-07) $6,683
Demantoid Garnet!
0.94ct Oval Demantoid Garnet, Clean, Decent Cut, Lime Color with lots of dispersion when under the right lights. You can see some of the dispersion in the photo above. Said to have originated in Russia, that is a possibility but we feel it is most likely from the new find in Madagascar. This is a really nice example of this rare garnet and at a great price too. This particular gemstone is pricey in any size, but as it approaches 1ct and larger, the price escalates. Even this 0.94ct piece is large for a Demantoid. (expgem-10a-01) $940
certed demantoid
1.10ct Certed Demantoid Garnet
An over 1 carat Certifed Demantoid. A Clean, decent cut and of a green tourmaline, possibly yellowish green color Demantoid. Shows Dispersion under the right lights. Not a deep green like many of the Russian gems, but this is said to be Russian. Most likely, it is African. We are trying to get more information. The location may not be all that important, but the fact that it is a certified Demantoid is! This gem does contain Chromium as one would expect of a Demantoid, as it will display red flashes when viewed using a Chelsea Filter! (bkkol-08-08) $525
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If you were interested in a fine quality Demantoid Garnet from Russia, we have sold all of our material back to Russia as the price is much higher there within the several past years since they are not finding any material of the fine quality that we have stocked. Like in many cases of fine gemstones, the mining areas dry up and the prices increase there, before the price changes around the world, so the original sources of fine quality gemstones will usually seek to buy back the nicer material.

Please contact us for your Demantoid Garnet requirements. We cannot guarantee we will find what you desire, but our associates in Russia, as well as other places in the world, will work with us to locate your gemstone. If we locate/import one, we can guarantee that the color, cutting, clarity and price will surpass quality and prices anywhere else!

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