Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee that your purchase from All That Glitters is indeed what we say it is, regardless of the time that has passed from the original purchase date....or your money back.

If we are aware or suspect enhancement/treatment of your gemstone, we will disclose these facts. Should an item not be what is stated on your receipt or enhancement is not disclosed, the item may be returned at any time. The problem must be documented by a qualified gem lab such as GIA, IGI, AGL, Gubelin Gemological Lab. The issue requires documentation from the gem lab and All That Glitters should be contacted when the problem has been discovered and prior to return shipment.

In over 43 years, All That Glitters has never had an item returned under these circumstances. Please note that some gemstones are assumed to have some form of treatment. Two examples of this would be Blue Topaz (irradiated/heated) and Aquamarine is typically heated to drive off the yellow, thereby producing a more pure blue. Tanzanite is another gemstone that is usually heated and this again, is a standard practice. Please refer to studies indicating types of enhancement that may be performed on all gemstone varieties you are considering purchasing.

All That Glitters typically does not sell diffusion treated gemstones unless requested. We sometimes have stock these items due to their uniqueness, but any enhancement would clearly be stated.

To learn more about what some on-line companies may not explain to their customers, refer to the following link:
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