Gemstones - Zincite

What is Zincite??

Zincite that most people are familiar with, was said to have been grown by accident in the smoke stack of a manufacturing facility of zinc-based paint in Poland. It is Zinc Oxide and the zinc that had become gaseous during the manufacturing process combined with oxygen and cooled, formed brightly colored, mostly orange, red and yellow crystals within the smoke stack. This brightly colored material has a high dispersion, giving flashes of different colors much like that of diamond. Though it is soft, it can still be used in jewelry, but should be worn in pendants, pins and earrings, rather than rings. We have some of this brightly colored material faceted(ovals, emerald cuts, etc), as well as in the rough. Price is based on size and color - with usually the larger pieces being less per carat. All pieces are well cut and clean. See photos below for available stones.

To learn more about Zincite - visit the All That Glitters Zincite Page after viewing our inventory!
All That Glitters Zincite Page

We actually found 1 Faceted Zincite in Tucson (2019) - in all the millions of gemstones at the show and in looking for weeks at what was available, we found 1 Faceted Zincite, just under 13cts, Orange, selling at $80/ct...So our pricing is WAY below that, even for what might be the World's Largest Faceted Zincite at about 50cts - see below!....

***** Now - All Zincite is ONLY $50/ct - Any Size!!! *****

Simply take the displayed carat weight and multiply by $50. We may have to weigh up an individual gem if the representative photo/weight differs should that particular piece be sold and we have another of that size/color.

9.24ct Radiant Cut Zincite - SOLD!
published zincite
Gemstones: Understanding, Identifying, Buying - New Edition

faceted zincite
faceted zincite
This is perhaps the largest faceted Zincite out there - approximately 50cts. We obtained a number of crystals years ago, and our cutters faceted a few very large pieces. We know of only one other dealer selling this material, but his Zincite is the more common orange or reddish orange. Yellow is more rare and they show more dispersion. This gemstone measures approx 20x15x11mm. We are attaching two photos, one taken with a light ring and the other in diffused office fluorescent lights. Only one other dealer possesses faceted Zincite that we are aware of, and he has smaller orange faceted pieces (most common color) which he sells for more than what we are aksing per carat for this exceptional piece. Since this could be one of the largest Zincites ever faceted and therefore, should have a premium price - but at $50/ct, this is similar to much smaller faceted pieces! $2,500 (We do have a few large pieces of this color available, but the one above is the largest. If you have an interest in some of these other pieces, feel free to email us!)

Yellow to Greenish Yellow Zincite - Light to Medium Yellowish with a hint of Green in the deeper stones. Very Dispersive, more so than Diamond! Bright, lively with all kinds of colors leaping from internally within the gem. Unlike anything we have seen before in this material!....Faceted Zincite of decent size, fine quality faceting, clean material is difficult to find. We know of no other companies currently with Zincite which falls into this category, other than ourselves and again, we have never seen this unique color either. Note that the size of the gemstone as it appears in the photograph does not indicate relative size to other photos displayed.

For those seeking matched pairs of any particular size, please feel free to send us an email to make an inquiry. Many of the pieces below have a match!

Est Ct Wt Shape Dimensions Photo Price - $50/ct!!
Round 5mm Photo upon request
Round 6mm Photo upon request
3.49ct Round 8mm faceted zincite
4.75ct Round 9mm faceted zincite
Another similar size is available after this one sells.
5.75ct Round 10mm faceted zincite
8.32ct Round 11mm faceted zincite
10.56ct Round 12mm faceted zincite
Another similar size is available after this one sells.
Princess 5x5 Photo upon request
Princess 6x6 Photo upon request
8.68ct Princess 10x10 faceted zincite
Another two similar sizes are available after this one sells.
Radiant 7x5 Photo upon request
Radiant 8x6 Photo upon request
5.26cts Radiant 8x10 faceted zincite
Another two similar sizes are available after this one sells.
4.16ct Radiant 9x7 faceted zincite Availabliity?
14.51ct Radiant 14x10 faceted zincite
Another similar size is available after this one sells.
4.92ct Trilliant 10x10 faceted zincite
Another similar size is available after this one sells.
3.07ct Oval 9x7 faceted zincite


Ct Wt Color Photo Price
2.65 Gold faceted zincite
4.63 Yellow faceted zincite

Princess Cut

Ct wt Color Photo Price
3.66 Red-Orange faceted zincite
3.23 Orange faceted zincite
3.94 Gold Yellow faceted zincite
4.64 Red-Orange faceted zincite
5.69 Red-Orange faceted zincite
6.11 Orange faceted zincite
6.13 Gold-Orange faceted zincite
7.56 Orange faceted zincite
8.23ct Orange faceted zincite

Radiant (Fancy Emerald) Cut

Ct Wt Color Photo Price
12.14 Orange faceted zincite

faceted zincite faceted zincite
A - 7.10ct Oval Zincite
B - 7.12ct Emerald Cut Zincite
Below are two photographs of a wonderful naturally terminated rough crystal - Will also faceted some nice gems!
zincite crystal
$850 (Over 160cts!)
zincite crystal
Crystal on left rotated to show other another angle

Zincite - Cautions for Jewelers/Goldsmiths

For those working with or wearing Zincite (Hardness is approximately 4.5), the precautions below will insure the integrity of the stone.

  • DO NOT Steam Clean
  • DO NOT use the Ultrasonic with anything besides distilled water
  • DO NOT use heat within the Ultrasonic
  • DO NOT polish a setting containing Zincite - the casting should be polished prior to setting the stone and then prongs may be polished byhand
  • DO NOT set the stone on a dirty surface, as dragging it through metal scrapings will cause scratches - Be careful in setting the stone as it is a softer stone.

Cautions for the Wearer of Zincite Jewerly

  • DO NOT wear Zincite in a ring - it is best suited for a pendant, pin, enhancer, earrings, etc.
  • DO NOT clean with anything other than just water (and possibly a very mild soap). Ammonia and even perhaps alcohol could cause pitting or a change of the surface affecting the appearance.

Follow the rules for Jewelers/Goldsmiths above.

Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

Not responsible for mismatches of prices, photos, stocknumbers, etc.

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