Gemstones - Sapphire

GIA Certed UNHEATED 1.73ct Ruby (or Sapphire??) - Color Shifter!
Best Description: Purple Sapphire under Fluorescent/Red Ruby Under Incandescent!
GIA Certed Ruby (Color Shifter) - Unheated 1.73ct
This INCREDIBLE 1.73ct gemstone from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) color shifts. This gem stood out among many hundreds of Rubies that we were looking at. It is a very UNIQUE piece, as in person you can see two distinct colors depending on the lights. Ruby and Sapphire are the same mineral (Corundum) and it is only the percentage of red that makes a Sapphire, a Ruby. Under fluorescent light, it is more purple and therefore, we would call it Sapphire - as did a lab in Bangkok. Under incandescent light, it dances with sparkle/scintillation and displays a red with some purple highlights. Under GIA grading lights, this was graded a Purplish Red Ruby. In over 35 years in the gemstone business, we haven't had a little beauty quite like this - nor have we seen a gemstone in corundum that shifts from a Sapphire to Ruby or Ruby to Sapphire depending on the lights/wavelengths available.

This particular gemstone was discussed with another Gemologist (degree from GIA and an appraiser north of Boston). He also thought it a unique gem and was surpised to see that one could call it a Sapphire or even a Ruby - dependent on the lighting. This gemologist believed that GIA would note the color change/shift. After receiving the gem back from GIA, the owner of All That Glitters called the GIA Gem Lab to see why this characteristic wasn't noted on the cert. We were put in touch with a person whose specialty is colored gemstones within the lab and he indicated that he remembered the gemstone and that internally, they had discussions on this very piece, comtemplating what the cert should be and what the content should read. It was also noted that the gemstone displayed a Reverse Color Change/Shift - another physical property that just adds more interest and rarity to the piece! For some, this gemstone causes a dilema - how can a faceted Corundum be both a Sapphire and Ruby? Rather than issuing perhaps a Sapphire or Ruby Report, perhaps identifying it as Corundum, with a color change/shift from Red to Purple depending on lights/wavelengths available, and with a comment indicating that this is a color change or color shifting Natural Corundum (No Heat) and that it may be called a Sapphire under some lights or a Ruby under others, could indeed cover all bases.

This is a rich saturated gem, but not overly dark- as noted, there is more sparkle under incandescent lights, which is probably due to Chromium which gives Ruby color and glow. GIA Certed Ruby and another plus - Unheated! (svd-07-04) (Price Upon Request)
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Photo of a Blue Corn Flower
corn flower blue
Looking for Corn Flower Blue Sapphire? Many of our beautiful blues fall into this category. Compare the flower above to many of our Sapphires that have similar colors!

gia certed unheated red orange sapphire
A nice 2.04ct Oval Salmon Orange Sapphire (egaj-11-55) $12,675
A very lively and super color of a Sapphire. When examined under power there was an internal crystal that popped out during the cutting process, which is often the case in Sapphires and Rubies - and that can happen anywhere in the gemstone. In this case, it has occurred at about 2 o'clock in the photo above - a perfect position to be covered/hidden by a prong. Other Sapphires/Rubys in stock have similar crystals that left small voids on the surface because they came out during the cutting; very typical. We have only noted this one as you can see it in the outline of the gemstone when louped or if one has very good eyesight. It does not affect this gemstone from being a Fine Sapphire. We have had this gemstone certed by GIA. GIA's color description was reddish orange and it is UNHEATED.
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pink sapphire
A Deep Pink Round Sapphire weighing 0.73cts. (egaj-11-58) $1,264
unheated color changing sapphire (madagascar) cobalt spinel colored sapphire
A - 1.75ct Unheated Color Change Sapphire (blue to purple, usually displays both colors at the same time depending on the lights) from Madagascar. (kjcl-15-01) $4550
B - Wow, what a color! This 3.36ct trilliant Sapphire (from a relatively new find - Mambila) initially looked to be a Kyanite from Nepal or perhaps a fine Cobalt Spinel - but dealers were floored to find out that it was a Sapphire! We haven't seen this color before in Sapphire but it is both gorgeous and a rare find! (artgem-15-01) $16800
These have been in our vault for over 10 years without being offered to the public or trade. We have seen a copy of a cert from GIA indicating the natural origin but that they were enhanced. At that time, there was no indication as to what the enhancement was; recently, we have been told that it was some form of diffusion - so natural Sapphire, but diffused creating the sharper star. Super pieces and at a fraction of the cost of what the entirely natural material would be. From left to right, the weights are as follows: 2.63cts, 2.83cts, 2.94cts and 4.43cts. (vista-04-01p) $100/ct
The pair in the center (2nd and 3rd from the left), have been sold to a store!)
Still available, the 2.63ct and the 4.43ct - note that both measure approx 10x8mm, as one has a slightly higher dome than the other. Easily set into any standard setting requiring a 10x8mm oval!
unheated green sapphire
Natural Unheated Green Sapphire, 1.51cts, 7x5mm Emerald Cut. Color in person is a better green! (tri-13-01) $2,543
salmon sapphire
A uniquely colored bright medium Salmon Pink 1.34ct Oval Sapphire. (Purchased as a Pad) $4,515 (egaj-11-47) A nice unique color which is better caught in the cert by GIA. To quote the lab - a very nice stone that munsell color chip matches to a pure red hue".
blue sapphire
1.76ct Oval Glowing Blue Blue Sapphire (egaj-11-06) $5,280 View GIA Cert
purple sapphire
2.22ct Purplish Emerald Cut Sapphire (egaj-11-57) $6,216
pink sapphire
Cushion Shaped 2.60ct Sapphire of a Medium Pink (egaj-11-31) $7800 View GIA Cert
blue sapphire
2.97ct Cushion Sapphire of a Medium Glowing Blue color (egaj-11-40) $16929 View GIA Cert
blue sapphire
3.47ct Oval Fine Deep Blue Sapphire. Larger pieces tend to be far more costly per carat! (egaj-11-24) $18391
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unique blue sapphire - hope diamond colored
A very large 7.00ct Cushion Shaped Sapphire of a unique color, somewhat similar to the Hope Diamond... GIA calls this a Green-Blue. Since it was clean even under high power with a microscope, we had to send it to GIA to determine whether it was natural and heated/unheated using their spectrographic instrumentation. Contact us for pricing. (egaj-11-23)
certed blue sapphire
One of the last gemstones that was rushed to us prior to departing to the airport in Sri Lanka. This had been under negotiations for some time and we only came to an agreement on the day of our departure. A lively deep glowing blue 3.60ct Sapphire with a brilliant bottom which gives it the brilliance seen. A unique shape for Sapphire and also a very large one too! Approximate dimensions: 10.39x6.88x5.33mm (egaj-11-68) $19,703
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certed yellow sapphire certed yellow sapphire
A - 1.25ct Light Yellow Oval UNHEATED Sapphire (egaj-11-02) $2031 View Cert
B - 1.87ct Medium Yellow Oval UNHEATED Sapphire (egaj-11-01) $2,917 View Cert
certed blue sapphire certed blue sapphire
A - 0.84ct Round Blue Sapphire UNHEATED (egaj-11-04) $1,775 View Cert
B - 1.15ct Deep Blue Oval Sapphire, UNHEATED (egaj-11-28) $4,765 View Cert
certed blue sapphire certed blue sapphire
A - 1.74ct Fine Deep Blue Oval Sapphire, UNHEATED (egaj-11-29) $8,483 View Cert
B - 2.17ct Light to Medium Blue Lively Sapphire (Cushion), UNHEATED, (egaj-11-27) $10,579 View Cert
certed orangy pink sapphire certed blue sapphire
A - 2.64ct Orangy Pink Oval Sapphire, UNHEATED Note the color description - the color description of a Padparadscha. It was bought as a Pad, but we always sell as a Orangy Sapphire. It is a rather unique gemstone, in that under diffused daylight, it looks like a smoky pink, and then under incandescent, it is a bright lively reddish orange. Depending on the lights available, this seems to be a real color changer!) (egaj-11-37) $12,675 View Cert
B - 3.24ct Medium Blue Octagon Sapphire, UNHEATED Not a common shape for Sapphire and a very good size! (egaj-11-25) $19440 View Cert
sapphire group
Parcel of Sapphire including colors of Deep Blue, Deep Pink, Blue, Purplish Pink and a Color Shifting Purple/Blue. Maybe purchased separately. (egaj-11-41p) $3000/ct
From left to right:
Blue Oval - 1.84cts
Pink Cushion - 1.58cts
Color Shifting Oval (blue to a variation of purple) - 1.92cts (7.8x5.4x4.9mm)
Purply Pink Sq Cushion - 1.74cts
Color Shifting Oval (fine purple to indigo) - 1.66cts
bright pink sapphire
1.03ct Bright Pink Round Sapphire (egaj-11-19) $1,481
purplish sapphire deep bright pink sapphire
A - 1.21ct Oval Purplish Sapphire (egaj-11-30) $2,783
B - A Large 3.22ct Cushion Deep Bright Pink Sapphire (egaj-11-59) $14,089 View GIA Cert
purple pink sapphire
1.35ct Oval Purplish Pink Sapphire (egaj-11-15) $3,495
deep blue sapphire
1.43ct Glowing Deep Blue Oval Sapphire (egaj-11-07) $6,168
blue sapphire
A lively 2.69ct 7.6mm Round Lighter to Medium Blue Sapphire (egaj-11-44) $7,734
gia certed large blue sapphire
2.97ct Cushion Sapphire of a nice deep Glowing Blue. Approximately 7.70x6.69x6.24mm (egaj-11-60) $14900
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fine large glowing blue sapphire
Glowing Blue 3.18ct Oval Sapphire Approximately 9.51x7.17x5.57mm (egaj-11-53) $15582
View GIA Cert
blue sapphire pink sapphire
A - 1.58ct Glowing Blue Oval Sapphire (egaj-11-05) $4740
B - 2.00ct Pink Triangular Sapphire (egaj-11-67) $5,176
purple pink sapphire blue sapphire
A - Large 2.78ct Cushion Shaped Purplish Pink/Pinkish Purple Sapphire (egaj-11-48) $11,990
B - A very large nice 3.82ct Cushion Shaped Sapphire of a Glowing Blue (egaj-11-39) SOLD!
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purplish sapphire purple pink sapphire
A - 2.11ct Purplish Oval Sapphire with hints of Blue (egaj-11-35) $6,066
B - 2.25ct Purplish Pink Oval Sapphire (egaj-11-62) $6750
blue sapphire pink sapphire
A - 1.24ct Glowing Blue Sapphire Cushion (egaj-11-09) $3,565
B - 1.28ct Pink Sapphire Oval (egaj-11-43) $3,540
blue sapphire yellow orange sapphire
A - 1.55ct Deep Glowing Blue Sapphire Square Cushion (Approx 6.10x6.05x4.70mm) (egaj-11-52) $5,348
B - 2.01ct Oval Yellowish Orange Sapphire (egaj-11-34) $4,050
blue sapphire sapphire
A - 2.29ct Oval Bright Medium to Deep Blue Sapphire (egaj-11-38) $9,881
B - 2.30ct Deep Blue Oval Sapphire (egaj-11-42) $10,316
purplish pink sapphire
3.06ct Cushion Shaped Purplish Pink Oval Sapphire (egaj-11-16) $13158
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pink sapphire
1.86ct Oval Sri Lankan Sapphire of a pink that looks like pink ice on steroids - a good solid pink. (kjcl-11-04) $5,348
certed blue sapphire certed purplish mozambique orangy pink sapphire
A - 2.28ct Glowing Blue Oval Madagascar Sapphire (kjcl-11-11) $8,550 View Cert
B - Matched pair of Purple Sapphire weighing 2.06cts - UNHEATED (Mozambique) (vpgem-11-02) $3,700 View Cert
certed pink orangy pink sapphire
A 2.03ct UNHEATED Pink Sapphire from Sri Lanka. Have done two photos as the color was difficult to obtain, but the color is really nice with some hints of blue in the high lights depending on the lights available. Please excuse the lint form the polishing cloth which is on the surface.... (neecb-11-05) $10,556
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sapphire parcel
A mix of all colors of Sapphire, from blue, purple, lavender, green, bright yellow, pale orange, bright orange, teal and almost clear in 4.0mm or 4.5mm sizes. This natural Sapphire has been heated and in the cases of the oranges and bright yellows, Beryllium treated which produces these bright colors - a process that has been going on in the trade over the past decade or so. The price offered to us from one of our long time associates was so good, we couldn't pass on it. This is ideal for a store or someone interested in creating a number of sets of earrnings, pendants, possibly even a bracelet if one can find enough of the same size and color they wish in the bracelet. (vpgem-11-01p) $200/ct

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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