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43.86ct California Kunzite, Oceanview Mine, Big Kahuna Zone approx late 2010
(3rd gemstone from an unique bi-color crystal!)
kunzite - california
A 43.86ct Natural Kunzite from the Oceanview Mine in California, faceted by our Award Winning Supreme Master Gemcutter (Stephen Kotlowski). The color can range from a lilac to pink depending on lights. The cutting style is a one of a kind creation in a kite shape. The optical effects draw the viewer in from the edges to the center in a step like fashion. 23.75x22.55x15.83mm (ovml-12-03c) $200/ct
The above price is the wholesale price seen in Tucson 2012 at the GJX Show, International Section, by Brasilians selling a fairly deep pink Kunzite faceted (as well as in the rough). Their material was irradiated - our California Kunzite is entirely natural!

The All That Glitters Kunzite has:
  • better color in this size
  • is Natural - not irradiated
  • will save the buyer about $8,000 based on a 60ct sized Brasilian gemstone required to give the same depth of color
  • is from the United States having come from a famous California mine
  • from a rich well know pocket within the above mine
  • was faceted by our Award Winning Master Cutter (Stephen Kotlowski) where every facet junction meets perfectly

For the Month of December 2023, this wonderful California Kunzite, faceted from All That Glitters Rough, purchased directly from the mine/mine ower of the Ocean View Mine and faceted by a world-known Supreme Gem Master Cutter (Stephen Kotlowski), is 10% OFF. This represents a SAVINGS of $878. We have seen irradiated, light pink Kunzite from Brasil selling at $150-175/ct in Tucson over the past 10+ years. This California piece, Natural Color and Faceted to Perfection by a Specialist, is a Give-A-Way at this price or even at the non-sale price! Now $7,895.

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