Fine Mineral Specimens

sapphire crystal sapphire crystal
A - 11.40ct Bluish Sapphire Crystal from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka (egaj-11-32) $1725
B - 12.12ct Bluish Sapphire Crystal from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka (egaj-11-13) $1575
cluster of blue sapphire crystals
A cluster of small Bluish Sapphire Crystals (21.23cts) from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka (egaj-11-14) $925
sapphire crystals in matrix
sapphire crystals in matrix
A fairly large specimen of numerous light grey (slightly purple or blue under some lights) Sapphire crystals from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. (egaj-11-69) $825
chrysoberyl crystal
11.09ct Chrysoberyl Crystal from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Color is more of a yellow and it seems as if one can probably facet a gemstone from this piece - but it is a nice crystal with natural crystal faces on all surfaces. This displays half of the flower like crystal structure one expects from Chrysoberyl, but it probably grew next to another crystal and therefore didn't obtain the expected crystal habit, but it does have half the expecte crystalization and if one looks at it carefully, it is an entire crystal with all the expected faces considering of where it had probably been growing. It is difficult to get a good color rendition as well as to show the crystal structure of this piece. (egaj-11-12) $625
tourmaline crystals
Purchased in Sri Lanka, these are Brasilian Tourmaline Crystals showing some transparency and color at the terminations. All show multiple crystals growing together.
For all three: $1,275 (egaj-11-33) For individual pricing, please contact us via email - the price for all three is discounted since all three will be sold and can be considered a parcel closing out this original purchase.
For an idea of size, see the photo below:
tourmaline crystals
Spodumene Crystals, Floaters with Terminations - Cuttable, large clean sections. Pink Spodumene is called Kunzite. We would like to see these remain intact as crystals because of the crystal structure.
spodumene crystal
spodumene crystal spodumene crystal
A - 738+ct Spodumene crystal which formed floating in a pocket and is therefore doubly terminated. Great termination on one end; other side is less distinct but is also terminated/etched. Very large clean areas exist where one could facet some good sized gems. The color is essentially clear with a hint of light yellowish green. This piece measures 3.75"x1.63"x0.63". A great piece for the collector or someone wishing to facet gemstones. Priced to move at only $0.60 per carat! (adg-07-01c) $544
B - 230+ct Spodumene crystal - as above, doubly terminated, nicely etched but with very well defined crystal surfaces in a few areas. Clean and like the above crystal, one can easily see through it. This crystal has a slight tinge of blue, but again is mostly clear. Measures approximately 1.5"x1.25"x0.5". (adg-07-01b) $725
malachite chrysocolla
A Malachite with Chrysocolla mineral specimen from Zaire, measuring about 3-3/4 x 2 inches and weighs 780cts. (na-11-01) $300 - That's 38cents per carat!...
Benednice Moldavite hedgehog Benednice Moldavite hedgehog
Moldavite from Benednice, formed in some way from a meteorite impact and local sand/soil, but how these particular scultped shapes occurred, we haven't obtained any information. They are sometimes called 'hedgehogs' because of the numerous spines and edges. This is a transparent as you can see from the photo on the right, as the light goes through it and displays underneath the piece. Very nicely formed piece with some delicate spines - a wonderful specimen of this type, weighing 45.36cts (ts-11-02) $500
coyamito agate coyamito agate
894+ct Sliced Agate Geode from Coyamito, Mexico (dp-11-01) $300
crazy lace agate crazy lace agate Detail
373+ct Crazy Lace Agate Polished Tablet (Chihuahua, Mexico) Approx 3.25"x2.0" (dp-11-05) $675

We have created Giclée Canvas Print to be sold with this piece. The canvas print measures 19x21 inches, has a UV Coating so it will not fade in light and is stretched on 3/4" stretcher bars. One can hang this on the wall without a frame, once one applies a hanger to the back.

What is a Giclée? Click on the following link: Giclée

To see a small version of the 19x21 inch Giclée that is included free with the purchase above, click on the following link: Giclée Image

Shipping for each giclee is a flat fee of $40 - U.S. ONLY. All That Glitters will pay shipping costs over $40!
quartz with phantom
62ct Quartz Crystal with phantom(?), green chlorite inclusions and ??? (amc-11-02) $150
large tourmaline slice
A 56.35ct Tourmaline Slice of Clear, Various Greens and Black - mercedes symbol internally? Possible, this came from the country known for this - Madagascar. Another very unique natural gemstone! You can see some stress lines in areas where there is a color change which is typical in Tourmaline Slices (this includes Watermelon Slices and Bicolors). It has not been repaired and should be fine unless dropped on a hard surface - but that is true of even diamonds! Approximately 29.93x29.29x5.37mm (madgem-10-01b) $1475
wonderful chinese emerald specimen wonderful chinese emerald specimen
This is a beauty from a famous location in China, and came from a person who wrote a detailed technical report on the location and analysis of this particular locale. We are attempting to obtain more information, but the language barrier can be a problem. This piece sits on its own custom carved base (rosewood?). Besides the main Emerald crystal, there is a small one near the base and under the large one as seen in the photo; some color to the left of the large one and above the quartz; and also part of a crystal on the back/top. We can tell you that it is from the Malipo Area, Yunnan, China. Approximate measurements are 3 inches across the widest part of the front, 3" high and about 1.5 inches thick. Fine Quality Mineral Specimens have been fetching outrageous figures. We have seen interesting aesthetically pleasing Pyrite pieces fetching up to $40,000. (smc-10-01) $2,779
The unique crystals we have in Beryl, Emerald, Garnet, Tourmaline and others, seem ridicuously low...
loliondo spessartite garnet crystal loliondo spessartite garnet crystal
A nice Spessartite Specimen showing good crystal structure and semi-transparent nature. This piece comes from the famous Loliondo area, close to Serengeti National Park and only 7 kilometers away from the Kenyan border. These nicely formed crystals have been on fire when available. Weighs approx 80cts!!! (rr-10-01a) $549
Iridescent Rainbow Andradite Garnet Crystals from Japan! (Photographed next to a very dark U.S. Dime!) There is only one other locality in the world that produces this unique form of garnet, and that is Mexico. This material comes from the Kouse Mine, Tenkawa mura, Nara Prefecture, Japan (locality is on each box that houses the garnets displayed below). Depending on the light and the angles, one will see a rainbow of color coming off of the numerous surfaces these specimens have - thus the term rainbow or iridescent garnet. To quote info found online - "The rainbow colour seen in the andradite from this area is assumed to be derived from interference of light produced by thinly layered two substances that have different refractive indices similar to the principle of labradorescence in labradorite." The fine material has been depleted, but we have a contact in Japan where we are capable of obtaining what is believed to be old stock. These crystals are VERY rare. We obtained a number of small crystals a few years back and they were sold to one collector very quickly. These are spectacular pieces chosen from a number that our associate had available. We don't expect these to be around very long, especially if collectors in Japan find out we have a few wonderful top-notch specimens!
rainbow andradite garnet crystal specimen rainbow andradite garnet crystal specimen
A - Rainbow Andradite Garnet Specimen (tmsc-10-01a) $475
B - Rainbow Andradite Garnet Specimen tmsc-10-01b) $375
rainbow andradite garnet crystal specimen rainbow andradite garnet crystal specimen
A - Rainbow Andradite Garnet Specimen (tmsc-10-01c) $250
B - Rainbow Andradite Garnet Specimen (tmsc-10-01d) $325
teal fluorite crystals
Three Fluorite Crystal from China. Choosen from a large grouping for color and interest; spent about 30 minutes going through kilos of this material. Color is bluish to teal to green, and some have streaks of purple. For the smaller pieces, we were considering faceting the material since the color is so nice and unusual, but currently, due to numerous business obligations and the cost of cutting, we have decided to sell them in their natural state...All three for only $40.
Great for gifts for children or for the collector.
tourmaline crystals with quartz specimen
Terminated Black Tourmaline with Quartz Crystal - excellent natural design! From the Shengus Mine in Pakistan. Approximately 1.75 inches high. Former All That Glitters Collection (alrgm-09-02) $1,700
(Larger photos available upon request)
tourmaline crystals specimen
Nice Tourmaline Crystal covered in natural matrix. The crystal is dark with the exception of the natural termination which shows color! From the Stack Mine in Pakistan. Measures approximately 3 inches long. Former All That Glitters Collection (alrgm-09-01) $2,275
(Larger photos available upon request)
aquamarine crystal on muscovite matrix
Wonderfully naturally terminated Beryl Crystal with a light blue color, making this an Aquamarine Specimen. Books of Muscovite Mica are intertwined on it's side. Origin is Namibian. Crystal is approximately 33mm high. Former All That Glitters Collection (palart-09-03) $1600
(Larger and more photos available upon request)
green beryl doubly terminated crystal
Doubly terminated Beryl crystal from Brasil weighing 111 carats! Bought with the anticipation of cutting gemstones from it, but did not have the heart to destroy such a work of beauty! $2100
Former All That Glitters Collection
terminated smoky quartz on matrix
Wonderful Smoky Quartz specimen with mica and cookite(?). Sorry, our specialty if fine quality colored gemstones and though we might know the main mineral species, we frequently don't know about the matrix they are commonly found on. $2459
Former All That Glitters Collection
tourmaline crystal cruzeiro mine
Wonderful Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal with side crystal from the famous Cruzeiro Mine, Minas Gerais, Brasil (About 2 inches high) $3,400
Former All That Glitters Collection

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