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Note - for existing customers, you may continue to contact us via email or phone.

This form is intended for those customers wishing to send a check, perform a wire/bank transfer, etc.

If two individuals should desire to purchase the same item(s), the date/time stamp of this form below or a direct email, will determine the purchaser.

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For purchasing more than two items, you may fill out this form with the information pertaining to the first two items of interest. You may enter more items of interest in the Comments section. We will contact you via email when we have verified that the items are available as well as to discuss the items, payment, shipping, etc. at that time. We may also follow up with a phone call if desired/necessary.

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Shipping Information

Domestic Shipping/Insurance via USPS:
Under $500: $20.00
Over $500 and less than $2,000: $25.00
Over $2,000 and less than $5,000: $30.00
Over $5,000 and less than $10,000: $40.00
Over $10,000: $50.00 and up

Domestic purchases under $1,500 are usually shipped by USPS Priority.

Values greater than this amount are typically shipped via Registered USPS and Insured for the full value.

International Shipping/Insurance:

International Shipments should be sent via Federal Express. The costs for shipping and insurance (if possible) are quoted on an individual basis. We have shipped packages valued at over $50,000 without issues in the past, but there is always an inherent risk though typically small. Therefore, if there are issues or loss, one has recourse.

International customers are advised to contact us prior to purchasing so as to insure the best method of shipping, insurance and to discuss possible customs charges. Postage may be greater than displayed above dependent upon the method of shipment. For FedEx, full insurance can be purchased from a third party and that typically runs 1% of the value of the insurance. This is a very good price that we have negotiated, as some companys will charge 2% for coverage while in transit. Very high valued shipments of more than one item may require to be broken up into two shipments for insurance purposes.

We are not responsible for items that have been signed for, but not received by the intended recipient.