What is Zincite??

Zincite that most people are familiar with, was said to have been grown by accident in the smoke stack of a manufacturing facility of zinc-based paint in Poland. It is Zinc Oxide and the zinc that had become gaseous during the manufacturing process combined with oxygen and cooled, formed brightly colored, mostly orange, red and yellow crystals within the smoke stack. This brightly colored material has a high dispersion, giving flashes of different colors much like that of diamond. Though it is soft, it can still be used in jewelry, but should be worn in pendants, pins and earrings, rather than rings. We have some of this brightly colored material faceted(Rounds, Radiants and Princess and a few other shapes are available). The price is approximately $30/ct depending on the size, the color, etc. All pieces are well cut and clean. See photos below for available stones. Call for more details or with your requests.

Below are two photographs of a naturally terminated rough crystal:

zincite zincite

$850 (Over 160cts! That's only $5.31 per carat!
Should yield about 40cts of faceted gemstones but we would leave it as a fine specimen!.

Faceted examples of Zincite. Miscellaneous sizes and shapes available - limited quantity!
All of our faceted Zincite has been faceted by our cutters and sparkle brilliantly.
Visit our Faceted Zincite Page - we may be the only business who is faceting this interesting material - and have stocked it in inventory!
Zincite Photos Page

9.24ct Radiant Cut Zincite - SOLD!
published zincite
Gemstones: Understanding, Identifying, Buying - New Edition

zincite zincite
zincite zincite

Our Zincite rough is exhausted and this material hasn't been seen for many years now....
No more Zincite will therefore be faceted, and we are only 1 of 2 wholesale dealers who actually faceted Zincite!
It is uncertain whether the other dealer still has any in inventory....but as of 2019, we don't believe he has any....
Zincite Photos and Inventory

Gems and Gemology Magazine Winter 2000

Gemological Institute of America - GIA; Special Issue (Retrospective of the '90's)

zincite article

zincite article

The original 1995 article on Zincite mentioned above follows:

zincite article

Facetors Stone Chat November-December 2003

A good description of Natural and Synthetic Zincite. Click on the link below to read the article.
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Zincite - Cautions for Jewelers/Goldsmiths

For those working with or wearing Zincite (Hardness is approximately 4.5), the precautions below will insure the integrity of the stone.

  • DO NOT Steam Clean
  • DO NOT use the Ultrasonic with anything besides distilled water
  • DO NOT use heat within the Ultrasonic
  • DO NOT polish a setting containing Zincite - the casting should be polished prior to setting the stone and then prongs may be polished byhand
  • DO NOT set the stone on a dirty surface, as dragging it through metal scrapings will cause scratches - Be careful in setting the stone as it is a softer stone.

Cautions for the Wearer of Zincite Jewerly

  • DO NOT wear Zincite in a ring - it is best suited for a pendant, pin, enhancer, earrings, etc.
  • DO NOT clean with anything other than just water (and possibly a very mild soap). Ammonia and even perhaps alcohol could cause pitting or a change of the surface affecting the appearance.

Follow the rules for Jewelers/Goldsmiths above.

Visit our Zincite Photos Page to view our Faceted Zincite: < Zincite Photos >