Chrome YAG Rough (Yttrium Aluminium Garnet)

We obtained two exactly matched crystals of Chrome YAG in June 2023. These were grown in the United States for use as Laser Rods in Medical Applications. IF the grown crystals are not up to the stringent specifications for laser use, perhaps the crystal is shy by a few milimeters or an element is off in it's required percentage, it is rejected. This is the only time that we are offered lab grown crystals. Unfortunately, we have been told that the Lab Grown Chrome YAG, CTH ((Chromium, Thulium and Holmium) YAG also recently obtained and the well-known Lab Grown/Synthetic Alexandrite that we have been known for over the past few decades, WILL NO LONGER BE OFFERED. If this is a true statement from the laboratory, then this is the end of all these interesting, fun, worthwhile pieces where many in the gem and faceting business have had to pleasure to work with and make some money.

Two crystals of the Chrome YAG were received. One was sliced in two and then smaller pieces trimmed out of that piece. The other piece, an exact twin, is being offered whole, as a crystal, and at a lower per gram price. This crystal would be ideal for a collector or to be sliced, trimmed and faceted as the new owner may do at their leisure and as they desire.

The trimmed pieces are displayed below first, followed by the intact crystal - along with some interesting observations. One 11.04gram piece of the trimmed crystal was faceted - though it was fan shaped, there were actually many possibilities of various shape - including a fan, a pear, a stubby pear, and standard oval, other various shapes and if one were to facet and have the table be the side of the crystal, an emerald shape or other designs were possible. From the 11.04ct, we faceted a 17.97ct Elongated Oval. Good yield and the color is very bright and reminiscent of Chrome Tourmaline or Tsavorite.

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Thanks - Enjoy and good luck in your cutting!

Available Rough - Cr YAG - Pieces will be marked as Sold on the indiviual photos below. Thicknesss range from about 10mm to 14mm. Faceted piece shown was cut from an 11.04gram, fan shape like similar pieces shown below - it had the least weight of all the pieces and was also the thinnest. All pieces are Clean.

faceted Chrome YAG
17.97ct Oval faceted from one of the pieces (11.04gram) from the material shown below.
Not the best photo, as it is slightly off angle and the color isn't as nice as the actual gemstone. Then again, even if the color was accurate, the color displayed on any device will vary from the actual color due to that device as well as codecs associated with what application is being used for display. One of my two major pet peeves as they say, in the gemstone trade - accurate color rendition from device to device does not exist yet!
Chrome YAG rough
See individual photos and pricing below (Crystal #1)
Chrome YAG rough

Chrome YAG rough

Chrome YAG rough
See individual photos and pricing below (Crystal #2)
Chrome YAG rough

Chrome YAG rough

Original Intact 125 gram Chrome YAG Crystal
Two Crystals Obtained - Have Been Told that There will be NO More of this Available for Sale
This Crystal has also been cut/trimmed and offered for sale in previous photos seen above.

Note - True Color Difficult to Capture
Chrome YAG crystal
Chromium YAG Crystal as received from the laboratory - 125.5grams (627.50cts). Grown in the United States, a wonderfully bright green and totally clean/clear as you can see. The color is like a very fine Chrome Tourmaline or Tsavorite.

Both of the received crystals seem to show the Usambara Effect?? I have been told about Christmas YAG and have now seen it online and this piece really doesn't look like what I've seen - this is very transparent, bright green. This piece is red under the Chelsea Filter as expected, since it contains Chromium.

Interesting Unique Pieces, as though bright green under most light sources, one will see red also. When sitting on a surface under office fluorescent lights, half the crystal appears green and the other half as red. Even when held up to the sky, you will see decent splashes of red. This crystal has been looked at under cool/warm fluorescents, 3 different sources of LED, regular incandescent, full sunlight, diffused daylight, halogen, etc. The piece appears green BUT, there is one exception - it is ENTIRELY RED when it is lit with my fiber optics light for work under the microscope. So it is green under my office fluorescent light and as it moves toward the fiber optic light, it just doesn't pick up some red, it turns entirely red. However, when visiting a lapidary shop where I did the slicing/trimming of the piece, the light next to the trim saw also showed the crystals being entirely red - the light was a compact fluorescent. So two light sources were found that showed the crystals as entirely red - when the pieces were trimmed and placed under this light, very little red was seen and the pieces were green!

This can't be called color changing YAG since only two light sources have shown the strong red in general. The only good explanation is that this is an INCREDIBLE example of the Usumbara Effect (simple to google term). This green to red color change could be related to the thickness of the material, and this explains why a large crystal of 125grams will be show red, but smaller pieces remain green but with hints/flashes of red instead of being entirely red. Both crystals of this material did turn entirely red under the fiber optics light light and the CFL bulb as noted. Don't know the color temperature of these lights.

Note that this material was grown for use in lasers for various medical applications. The crystals were both 125 grams, measuring approx 26mm across and 35mm deep (down the long axis). Both have now been sliced and trimmed and all the material from these crystals are above and available for sale.

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