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NOTE - We are suspicious of any deeply staturated Blue/Purple Tanzanites in smaller sizes as there is a process that coats the gemstones and imparts this enhanced color. We believe that many larger Tanzanites also may be receiving this process. The natural 5.28ct Trilliant below has incredible color and was not very often seen - it was rare. Now, we have seen cases of similar colors in all sizes from very small to large gemstones, all the same color, etc. This speaks of enhancemnt/coatings. It is not due to production/mining of this fine color. Our Tanzanites have no coating. Read our thoughts after seeing this material in Tucson 2010: Tanzanite Coating Concerns

NONE of All That Glitters Tanzanites are coated...

glowing blue fancy tanzanite
Don't think we have to say much about this intensely blue Tanzanite. It was love at first sight! The size, the unique shape, the glowing blue all screamed 'Buy Me'! Thought it would make an incredibly beautiful pendant, especially if a custom goldsmith works their magic. We tweaked the cutting just a bit to make an even more beautiful piece. In 35 years in the gem trade, don't think we have seen a similar shape in Tanzanite. These unique shapes add so much to a gemstone that one cannot help but take notice... (Got so carried away in writing about this Tanzanite, that the carat weigh was obmitted - it is 7.16cts and we would call it a fancy shield.) (kjcl-15a-11) $4,296 ($600/ct) Tanzanite continues to climb as it was low over the past few years. SOLD! (SC - United Kingdom)

Verify how good/low our pricing is for a fine blue Tanzanite of this size via the link below. Fancy cuts of interest would also fetch a premium.
Wholesale Tanzanite Pricing - The Guide(2014)

Wholesale Tanzanite Pricing - The Guide(2014)
Compare Wholesale Prices above to our the current pricing of our newly acquired Tanzies below!!!...
We recently purchased a parcel of fine Tanzanite of good size; the smallest is over 3cts and the largest is just over 12cts. Great color, clarity, cutting and PRICE! Able to sell this material below what one expects - this is always our goal but we out did ourselves this time, thanks to one of our associates abroad. This material was photographed under diffused outdoor lighting and under incandescent lights, some of these will be very purple; this is very much like color changing/shifting material. We have seen some companies charging more for this property. Depending on the lights, it will appear that you have two differently colored gemstones! There are only 8 gemstones in this parcel and two are actually a pair, which is unusual for Tanzanite, especially in larger sizes. The larger pieces are more saturated and have better color than the photos show. Parcel or lot number for this material is kjcl-14-01p.
Note - the largest pieces have sold to a jewelry manufacturer/designer.
Pear Shaped Tanzanites weighing 3.53ct and 3.59cts - one is slightly more blue, the other slightly more purple.
Dimensions Approx: 13.1x8.1x5.2mm and 12.9x8.0x5.5mm $425/ct

4.44ct Pear Shaped Tanzanite - $450/ct
Dimensions Approx: 13.4x9.9x5.7mm
For the purist or collector, here is an unheated Tanzanite! Nicely cut and weighing 1.96cts, this piece will turn blue/purple if heated. The body color is a mix of many colors, with some being yellow, green, brown, smoky, etc. (kjcl-11-17) $980
A - Three Oval Tanzanites weighing a total of 1.99ct (scrp-08-11p) $498
B - 1.33ct Oval Tanzanite of a lighter to medium color (scrp-08-12) $399
Certed 5.28ct Tanzanite! Just an INCREDIBLE GLOWING Purplish Blue, like Velvet. Well cut, large and priced to move. One may see nice Tanzanites at times, but when one sees this, all the others pale in comparison. A guaranteed winner, with an intense color that one does not need to have a size of 10-30cts to have a very fine color. We really haven't seen a piece like this in over 10 years. This beauty is natural and uncoated - being purchased just before the coating started to appear on smaller Tanzanites. (10.92x10.73x6.83mm) (kaek-07-12) $6,336
View Cert
Faceted Tanzanite Rough Terminated Crystal that Produced Faceted Gem
Above is a 5.25ct Master Faceted Tanzanite faceted from the wonderfully naturally terminated crystal also shown above. Like all of our inventory, we hold nothing back - though many very fine gemstones are purchased or faceted, ALL are offered for sale. In this case, we offered a very special terminated Tanzanite crystal as a collector piece. We never displayed it in a show or offered it to dealers - we only displayed it on our website. There were no takers, so reluctantly, we had our Master Cutter (Stephen Kotlowski) facet this wonderful gemstone from the rare crystal shown above. 14.70x7.59x5.19mm (eagt-03-04) $6,563
2 pieces of Tanzaznite weighing 1.73cts(1.05ct and 0.68ct). The camera has caught more colors than the eye sees because it is such a closeup of these stones. The color is more of a steely blue with purple highlights coming from the side. These were faceted from a section of rough that produced a large green Tanzanite - the rough was actually bi-colored, being half green and half blue. Unfortunately, there was not much facetable material on the blue side. Due to this fact, it is a loss at the price we are currently offering these two gemstones at. (neg-07-01a) $346
4.60ct Green Tanzanite
Side View of the Green Tanzanite showing the Natural Pleochroism
The Master Facetor's Photo
Original Bicolor Piece of Rough
Another Rarity in the Gem World - A Natural Green Tanzanite, faceted by our Master Facetor, Stephen Kotlowski. This 4.60ct Scissors cut is a dark pastel green to a deeper green depending on the lighting available. The ends appear to pull in blue or purple from the other axes of the gem, and when tilted, the colors blend, going to teal... Note that if one turns the stone on the side, one of the other other pleochroic colors, in this case a purplish blue, is very evident. With the price of the standard colored Tanzanite increasing and being controlled by one company, similar to DeBeers and diamonds, all of this material is priced higher and the more unique colors are even harder to encounter than previously - and in the past, a unique color was far and few between. This gemstone measures approx 12.26x6.30x6.13mm (neg-07-01) $10,810
Here are the cutters comments regarding this gemstone after he faceted it! "...the color shift and the flash of the cutting is really fantastic...the photo's are good but can't show the scintillations that this chameleon of a stone possess..."
The piece of rough is shown above. It was originally a bi-color, being green AND blue, but 50% of the rough could not be used. The blue section was essentially thrown away and a waste. Here is another case of ones hopes being dashed, but the final result of a green or teal Tanzanite makes up for it!
Tanzanite - Before It Was Tanzanite: Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK article) Article discussss a previous Green Tanzanite in the All That Glitters Inventory...
3.40ct Cushion cut NEON Blue Tanzanite - Faceted by our Master U.S. Cutter - Stephen Kotlowski!
Trimmed Original Piece of Tanzanite Rough The only other piece we know of is in Russia - Wish we had bought it!
What is the more costly - Purplish Tanzanite or Blue Tanzanite? The consensus over the years has been that the blue is less common, more desirable and more expensive. Many Tanzanites will color shift and a blue body color will become purple under incandescent lighting. So, what happens when a unique Neon Blue Tanzanite is found? RARE, RARE, RARE....! The trade doesn't see this material and it usually never finds its way to the public - generally purchased immediately when first seen by the trade and those in the business. When one hasn't seen anything like this in 26 years of dealing with gems, one's mouth drops. Even if not in the business, one would question what gemstone this is. It is a unique blue. This gem glows. There is no purple under any lighting conditions. The color can best be described as the Best Blue Zircon color. This was faceted by our Master U.S. Cutter, Stephen Kotlowski, who has won cutting competitions for his work. This gemstone is no different - every facet meets perfectly. It is also clean! The piece of rough that faceted this gem is shown above. The price below reflects what one might expect to pay for a Tanzanite of normal color, of this size. This is from old inventory of many years ago; stashed away by a couple in the business who knew this was special. They sold the standard colored Tanzanite to the trade and public, keepingt this behind for their own personal collection!....Dimensions of the finished gemstone 9.15 X 7.90 X 5.85(d)mm (gf-07-01) $8,500 (This is about what one would expect to pay in a store for a similar sized medium saturated Tanzanite of the standard expected color. As someone in the trade said of this color - try finding another one - regardless of what one has to spend!)
3.33ct Oval Tanzanite (yahya-06b-02a) (10.4x7.1x6.3mm) $450/ct
2.94ct Trilliant, U.S. Faceted - A beauty! (neg-03093) $3,675
*** Note - this gem was featured in an article published in the May Issue of Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK) Magazine. The color of this gem was originally green. Heat changed it to the color that most expect Tanzanite to be! Most Tanzanite is found in the earth as a brown colo. It is heated to produce the blue/purple color. Naturally occurring Tanzanite can be brown, blue/purple, green, yellow and pink. To see the article and photos, click on the link below:
24.97ct Tanzanite with Cert
This large Tanzanite has rarely seen the light of day since it's purchase back in about 1990. It has a certificate from Guild Laboratories in Los Angeles, CA, along with a photograph and with a retail price of $27,000 - that was back in 1991! . The very fine larger pieces are becoming quite scarce and prices are going up. We allowed a wholesale dealer to show this off on one trip and he has never had such reactions of - WOW - with any other gemstone he has shown over his many decades of selling gemstones! No photos can do this item ANY justice! The color glows with life similar to a Kashmir Sapphire. Other lights will show the color as having purple highlights. (rma-91-02#) $27,500
To view the cert and more info: 24.97ct Tanzanite Cert
For a price comparison of a Tanzanite of similar size check out the following:
1.44ct Light Periwinkle Tanzanite
This gem was a hard one to photograph! The camera and lights were making the gemstone look much darker when photographed head on. This color above is simlar to the true color, but in person, the color could be somewhat darker. I would describe it as a light purple, periwinkle or lavender. It really depends on the lighting conditions, the angle, etc. Clean, well cut - has the color one expects of a smaller Tanzanite. Deeper color will be achieved by a larger stone. $299

Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

Not responsible for mismatches of prices, photos, stocknumbers, etc.

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