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Montana Sapphire is This Month's Special - Take 10% off any of our Montana Sapphires during the Month of May!

We currently have 6 Montana Sapphires in inventory. Prior to the small parcel of rough we recently were lucky enough to encounter, we have had only two others over the past 36 years. Montana Sapphire is not that common and can be quite costly due to color and size, as many tend to be about 1 ct or sub-caraters (under 1ct). Clean ones tend to be uncommon especially if larger. We typically don't even look at or for Montana Sapphires due to cost. We have priced our current Montana Sapphires at a very affordable and low price considering what one sees in the market. We have been invited to visit a few businesses currently mining Sapphire in Montana. The individual who has invited us is a major player and authority on this Sapphire location...

You can view our Montana Sapphire on our first Sapphire Page - the first 6 photos (3 tables displaying 2 image each). They are marked as Montana Sapphire in the text that precedes these first 6 photos. Sapphire Page (1)

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