Monthly Special

This Months Special had originally started with two purply certed Spinels. They were purchased by a store and are no longer available. This Months Special is now another Great Buy!...

40+ct U.S. Faceted Ametrine from All That Glitters Custom Rough
U.S. faceted blended ametrine U.S. faceted blended ametrine
This 40.24ct custom cut U.S. faceted Ametrine measures approximately 26.2x18.9x14.5mm. The yellow/purple (citrine/amethyst) are uniquely separated in some areas as well as blended in others, creating some unique and beautiful patterns as the gemstone is tilted/worn. The first photo was shot under fluorescent lights using a light ring which allows brilliance and sparkle, and is just slightly off angle. The second photo (courtesy of Troy Richardson) was shot with no light ring and therefore shows more color than sparkle. (ajml-16b-01h) The cutter had the following to say after seeing the results of his work - "A whopper. A beauty. Possibly the best Ametrine I've ever done..."

The Monthly Special Price:    $1,400

SAVE ===>    $200

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