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agatized coral
A - 53+ct Fossilized Coral Cab (kjcl-11-27p) $50
B - 61+ct Fossilized Coral Cab (kjcl-11-27p) $75
C -84+ct Fossilized Coral Cab (kjcl-11-27p) $100

The Monthly Special Price: ONLY $180 for ALL Three!   
Includes Priority Shipping and Insurance within the United States!!

SAVE ===> $$$

Really fine specimens of fossilized coral - about 200cts!
Can be used in jewelry, for a collection, etc.
Great for Holiday Gifts for an adult or a youngster interested in the natural history of our planet.
With all three pieces, one can create jewelry as well as give gifts for the holiday.
Save $$$ now with a discount on all three, FREE SHIPPING and No PayPal Fees.
Shipping can typically occur within approximately 24 hours after payment is received.
Don't get caught ordering these pieces a few days before the holidays - we do ship USPS Priority Box, but we stop shipping about the week before Christmas to insure the merchandise arrives in time for the holidays and also so that it doesn't get lost or delayed in the rush!...

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