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These were purchased directly from the Miners (Garimpeiros) back in the 1980's when we were visiting our Brasilian office. We got a great deal from the miners and we marked them at a great price at that time. These were priced back in the 80's and the prices haven't been changed. These are quiet clean for emeralds. Many that are out there on the market are opaque and can look like green plastic! In our emeralds, one can usually see some Jardins at times within some pieces, but this is to be expected of Emeralds. These Emeralds are certainly a steal and very much underpriced now! One of the reasons that you have not really seen emeralds on our website previously is that the bright green caused by Chromium within the Emerald cannot be captured properly with a camera. These gems should be seen in person because the green glows. A few pieces are on the darker side, but the color is still quite evident and nice! We have been hesitant to put photos of our gemstones on line if we cannot create a decent photo. Rhodolite is another gemstone that we cannot capture the beauty and true color on film.

published emerald
Emeralds (Brasilian): 0.46ct Pear and 0.40ct Emerald cut $1275 and $880 respectively.
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(The emerald cut is displayed as weighing 0.44cts in the book)
0.34ct Oval Brasilian Emerald (scrp-08-01) $663
A - 0.26ct $412
B - 0.36ct $719
C - 0.39ct $691
D - 0.40ct $563
A - 0.40ct $880 Photographed in book - see other photo on this page.
B - 0.44ct $465
C - 0.70ct $1,100
D - 0.74ct $1480
A - 0.46ct Pear Shaped Emerald 6.3x4.3x3.0mm $1275 Photographed in book - see other photo on this page.
B - 0.50ct Emerald Cut Emerald $975
C - 0.88ct Emerald Cut Emerald $1,144
D - 1.60ct Elongated Emerald Cut Emerald $3,900 ON HOLD!(RL) (see other photo below)
emerald_160pts_1 emerald_160pts_2
1.60ct Emerald (Brazil)
This large nicely colored emerald came from Brasil back in 1980's and was purchased directly from the miners when we were visiting our Brazilian office at the time. Note that the clarity of this piece is great as many emeralds can be quite included. The color reproduction was difficult with this stone. It is a nice deep green without being too dark. This color green glows! Some might say that there is also a hint of blue. It's shape makes it flexible, as it can be a pendant or a ring for a woman, but could also be a great ring for a man with the long axis of the stone running across a man's finger. $3,900 (lbf-87-07) ON HOLD!(RL)

Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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