Miscellaneous Gemstones

Orthoclase (20.95ct Oval/2.48ct Oval)
This material came from Madagascar and has a good depth of color. (hilbos-05-01p) Only $40/ct
We choose a few pieces of this material from perhaps a few thousand pieces that we had recently seen. We thought the colors were absolutely wonderful. A few had incredible picture-like quality; they looked like desert scenes, with mountains, plateaus, blufs and with a greyish blue overcast sky. These again, like all of our material, is the best of the best. We understand that this comes from Wyoming and it really hasn't been actively mined for about 20 years. Have also heard that the deposit is difficult to get to. The original namers of this material had wanted to pay tribute to Hawaii, but mispelled the name - Owyhee. This is where the name came from. We have also heard some other stories, but haven't delved into it; we typically deal with faceted gemstones, but many times beautiful things catch our eyes such as this material.
owhyhee picture jasper
Approx 60x29mm 69.76cts (remc-06-01b) $250
topaz parcel
Blue Topaz - 14.80cts - 10 pieces $99
3.39ct Peridot
From a fairly new find of Peridot in China, the photo of this gemstone does not due it any justice! It is a good green, a large eye clean Peridot at a great price. (selgem-06b-01) $848
glass with inclusion glass with inclusion
29.39ct Faceted Glass with unusual, currently unknown inclusion!
This faceted item was faceted from a piece of what was said to be Natural Volcanic Glass from Africa. The original owner, who is an American Gemstone Dealer in Africa, has only seen chunks of this material twice in about 30 years. His impression was this was natural. This faceted piece was sent to John Koivula, formerly of GIA and now employed by AGTA. John has written a book of gemstone inclusions and is currently working on another edition. John examined this piece and believes that it is man-made glass. John said in an email - "The inclusion in your glass might be cristobalite? I have seen such inclusions in partially devitrified glass before." The inclusions in the rough are really unique and we are considering faceting more of this material and attempting to place the inclusion under the table in the center of the piece. Examples of this material were sent to a person known for his expertise on glasses. He was not able to identify the inclusion, how it was made, etc. It certainly had him intrigued. We only have this one piece. It is extremely interesting, has a great cut and polish, as one of our local cutters faceted it. This material seems to show dispersion under the right lights also. A must have for those who like the unusual - $599
We have photographed all of our Radiant, Princess and Round Zincite from Poland.
What is Zincite?
Click on the photo of any of the Zincites below and see not only photos our our available stock, but learn about this unique and interesting gemstone - a must for a collector!
zincite zincite
4.19ct Octagon Sphalerite, Spain (lmb-03-01c) $1,467
Gemstones - New Edition
2.61ct Octagon Sphalerite, Spain (lmb-03-01a) $456 Way below the current wholesale price for such a piece!
5.45ct Pakistani Peridot, U.S. Faceted Wonderful cut and color - the color in the photograph is deeper than in real life, but it is a real nice Peridot color and it certainly sparkles. This is a very large and very clean Peridot. There are a few small inclusions which are not readily visible to the unaided eye. (flg-97-01) $1,635
chrysoberyl cat's eye chrysoberyl cat's eye
Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl - 2.45ct Nice size, wonderful transparency, incredibly sharp eye - the finest we have had in over 20 years. The photos do not do this gem justice! 7.4X5.9X6.0 (aw-04-03) $3,675

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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