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Prices based on The Guide (2010) Wholesale Pricing of Zircon of that particular color... Prices continue to climb due to production issues and this is what the trade will also have to pay should they seek out this material on the current market. Wholesale Prices for the larger blues are actually higher than our current pricing below!

deep blue zircons
Fancy Cut/Shaped Deep Blue Zircons - lively, dispersive and a great color. Chosen from larger parcels for their cuttins, fancy shapes and deep blue color. Zircon on the left weighs 6.40cts and the right one weighs 4.35cts. (hjagm-20-01 and hjam-20-02) $250/ct
deep blue zircons
Fancy Cut/Shaped Deep Blue Zircons - lively, dispersive and a great color. Chosen from larger parcels for their cuttins, fancy shapes and deep blue color. Zircon on the left weighs 5.72cts (SOLD!) and the right one weighs 5.40cts. (hjagm-20-03a and hjagm-20-03b) $250/ct
super blue zircons
Fancy Cut/Shaped Super Blue Zircons - lively, dispersive and a great color. Chosen from larger parcels for their very deep unique blue. Zircon on the left weighs 5.08cts and the right one weighs 4.30cts. (hjagm-20-04a and hjagm-20-04b) $300/ct
yellow zircon
A nice very Bright Yellow Zircon faceted from our rough, weighing in at 10.97 carats and measuring about 16x12mm. Price is $100/carat. (jeg-18-01b)
8+ct orangy zircon
8.71 carat Orange Zircon from our rough measuring approx 12x10mm. Photo was modified a bit to tone down the orange as the camera photographed a much more intense Orange. This is an interesting unique color orange and hard to describe. Reminiscent of the colors of Autumn in New England! Priced at $100/ct. (jeg-18-01a)
round yellow zircon
4.92ct Round Yellowish Zircon - dispersion evident. (jdbkk-15-02) $1,230
Pinkish to Red Zircon. There are color shifting and depending on the lights available, go for a dusty pink or reddish (with some purple - large oval) ) to brighter deeper pinks or reds.
3.17ct Oval: SOLD! algmst-10-01
4.50ct Oval: $900 algmst-10-05
4.68ct Pear: SOLD! algmst-10-04
fine green zircon
5.61ct Bright Green Zircon Cushion (awa-08-02) $2,805
zircon_blue_3pcs_1565pts zircon_blue_4pcs_1151pts
A - 3pcs Deep Blue Zircon, middle gemstone has inclusions as can be seen, but this is also magnified Total weight of 15.65cts (vpng-07-01p) (The two pieces on the side have an interesting unique color also!) (Pear Shape - Sold! (Trade)) Purchase the two remaining gemstones(10.74cts) at only $175/ct!
B - 4pcs of Blue Zircon weighing 11.51cts total weight. Nice blue. (vpng-07-03p) $200/ct (This is a whole set, matched earrings, a pendant and ring!)
3.95ct Oval Blue Zircon (vpng-07-04) $1,383 This good color in this smaller size doesn't exist any more - in fact, the blue zircon mine hasn't been producing for some time...
10.20cts Total weight of Yellow Zircons (kaek-06-35) $200ct
29.33cts Total weight of Various Shades of Yellow Zircons (kaek-06-07) $250ct
Trilliant: 5.17ct
Pear: 5.78ct
Fancy: 8.54ct
Emerald: 9.85ct 12.5X8.3X7.3mm (SOLD!)
6.03ct Yellow Zircon (Sri Lanka) - Unusual color for this species, especially from Sri Lanka!
Nicely cut and clean - $1,809 (ksn-98b-01)
15.84cts Total weight of Yellow Zircons (kaek-06-05) $100/ct
The zircon on the left has been sold (United Kingdom) and the one of the right is currently available. It weighs 7.91cts and would therefore be $791.
6 pieces totalling 12.09cts - Beige, Rosy, Orangy, Yellowish, Burnt Pink Tanzanian Zircon (hv-05-03p) $70/ct
(Parcel Only)
8.62ct French Baquette Orange Tanzanian Zircon, U.S. Faceted by our Supreme Master Gem Cutter - Stephen Kotlowski! (hilbos-05-02b) $3,017
14.38ct Red Zircon
"Mixed" Brilliant Diamond Cut 14.94 x 11.47 x 10.14mm faceted by Master Cutter and AGTA Cutting Competition Winner, Stephen Kotlowski. This is a very unique piece as it has a color shift. It is very dark under fluorescent lights and looks like a smoky orange. However, under incandescent light, it is a bright red, very similar to ruby or chrome pyrope garnet. This could contain chromium, which explains the color, but the fact that there is a color change along with the intense red, make this a very unique and unusual piece. We haven't seen or heard of anything like this previously, nor has our cutter. We could not obtain a decent photograph of this gem and had to rely on the photograph that the cutter had taken. Another plus for this gem, it is very large for a nice zircon! This photo shows the gemstone fully illuminated with lights. (hv-05-02) $300/ct

Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

Not responsible for mismatches of prices, photos, stocknumbers, etc.

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