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Gems & Gemology Article Features Mineral Specimen in the All That Glitters Collection!
(GIA Article)

Another Published Item from the All That Glitters Inventory - "Double Bubble" Multiphase Inclusion in Beryl
Gems & Gemology (GIA) - Spring 2019

We have been fortunate to have had many of our gemstones/minerals photographed in books, newspapers, magazines, and websites, with many actually appearing in Gems & Gemology Magazine starting in about 1996. This particular item, a Beryl Crystal, was purchased while traveling through Brasil in the early 1980s in Bahia, while on an exploratory/buying trip. The interesting inclusion was noted in about 1989 while the owner of All That Glitters (L. Allen Brown) was using the microscope during the time he was studying for his Gemology courses through GIA, and only submitted to the GIA Lab for examination/study in late last year....

A really interesting natural inclusion for a number of reasons - the negative crystal is beautiful in reflected light showing detailed crystal habit, and then you have the gas/liquids within.

Read "Double Bubble" Multiphase Inclusion in Beryl:    Double-Bubble