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The Revival of Agate in Jewellery Design

(Article from The Jewellery Editor)

"Naturalistic agate is enchanting both antique jewellery collectors and modern independent designers alike.... Imagine a winter's forest or a moody landscape of fern-like branches with fog that seems to be lifting in sepia tones, or that single, perfectly formed tree of life - these are the motifs that can be found in dendritic agate jewellery.

There has been a tremendous amount of interest shown towards agates of late, both in antique and period styles, as well as among independent designers who work with organic materials and feature one-of-a-kind or specially cut gems."

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All That Glitters has many fine Agate Slices available, but these pieces are large slices for display on desks, shelves, box cases, curio cabinets, windows and even on fire place mantles. The Agate being discussed in the above article, is Moss Agate, which, when found, is usually in smaller sizes and typcially has a white or whitish background with the characteristic moss, tree-like, dendritic pattern. These pieces can be quite costly, and when the colors or pattern are special, the sky can be the limit. We have seen a few pieces in Tucson over the past few years and those that we admired were typically selling in the $500 ballpark - wholesale!

When we did encounter a beautiful specimen, with an aesthetically pleasing Moss/Dendritic Pattern we purchased it...and the fact that it was set in a sterling silver pendant AND a chain, how could we go wrong....especially since we were purchasing a fine piece, actually set in silver and for less than we could typically purchase it in Tucson???? (For the collector who isn't interested in the pendant setting, the Moss Agate can easily be removed - and one will then have a silver chain to be used on another piece of jewelry - a Win Win all around!

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