Miscellaneous Gemstones

Quartz with Pyrite Inclusions (Brasil) - Hand Chosen from a lot for their aesthetics
Unique pieces showing various shapes of Pryite, variations of gold color and many show what looks like gold foil that has been crumpled - very unique and unusual as well as fascinating to look at under a magnifying glass, loupe or microscrope. Nature is fascinating and one never knows what one will find!
quartz with inclusions quartz with inclusions
6.50ct Emerald Shape Cab (vst-13a-01a) $98 11.91ct Square Cushion Cab (vst-13a-01b) $155
quartz with inclusions quartz with inclusions
19.29ct Elongated Cushion Cab ( (vst-13a-01c) $193 22.42ct Oval Cab ( (vst-13a-01d) $225
quartz with inclusions
26.78ct Hexagonal faceted (vst-13a-01e) $269
quartz with inclusions
43.11ct Elongated Cab/Faceted piece (vst-13a-01f) $325
california jasper
Two pieces of what is believed to be Jasper (RI of 1.53 approx) found in CA. Total carat weight of 45.72cts (11.33cts and 34.39cts). Total for the two pieces is only $50.
We had to have these when we went through a large lot, as these pieces reminded us of stormy clouds or even formations in distant galaxies making these unique pieces Picture Chalcedony. We have done some close-up photography and created Museum Quality Canvas Prints to go with each of these pieces. Each canvas print is 12x9 inches, has a UV Coating so it will not fade in light and is stretched on 3/4" stretcher bars. These can be easily framed or just hung on the wall as is. Not only can you own and wear these items, but you have have a quality image to hang.

What is a Giclèe? Click on the following link: Giclèe
chinese chalcedony bead chinese chalcedony bead chinese chalcedony bead
A - Chalcedony Bead (amc-12-01c) $350 Price includes a 12x9 inch High Quality, UV Protected, Giclèe Canvas on stretcher bars. Giclèe Image
B - Chalcedony Silver Pendant (amc-12-01a) $350 Price includes a 12x9 inch High Quality, UV Protected, Giclèe Canvas on stretcher bars. Giclèe Image
C - Chalcedony Silver Pendant (amc-12-01b) $350 Price includes a 12x9 inch High Quality, UV Protected, Giclèe Canvas on stretcher bars. Giclèe Image
Shipping for each giclee is a flat fee of $40 - U.S. ONLY. All That Glitters will pay shipping costs over $40!
bumblebee jasper
9.40cts Bumblebee Jasper from Indonesia. This material is new to the market and they say that they are not finding any more.... (jnfl-12-02b) $50
Pulled this recently and the photos doesn't due the color justice. The orange is screaming orange and the yellow is nice and bright too!
We have always admired Pietersite in the past.
We found these two wonderfully colored pieces and had to have them in inventory!
Pietersite is a pseudomorph variety of Quartz. The transformation creates parallel lines which allow the play of light that rolls across the surface and is reminiscent of the eye of a cat. It displays multiple colors and hues in streaks and swirls in many directions, side by side like bold paint strokes. The blues tend to be dominant in color, and found in a vast array of hues from baby blue to dark midnight blue as seen in these pieces below. One must see this in person, and as the cabs are tilted and rocked, the play of light and color is ama
pietersite pietersite
A - 41.82ct Pietersite Cab (tem-12-01b) $149
B - 101.30ct Pietersite Cab (tem-12-01a) $269
oregon agate
59+ct Agate (unknown Agate type) from the Eugene, OR area of the US. We liked this due to the design. (tdw-12-01) $125
oregon polkadot agate
19.64ct example of Oregon Polka Dot Agate. (tdw-12-02) $375

We have created a Giclèe Museum Quality Canvas Print to be sold with this piece.
The canvas print measures 8x10 inches, has a UV Coating so it will not fade in light and is stretched on 3/4" stretcher bars. One can hang this on the wall without a frame, once one applies a hanger to the back.

What is a Giclèe(Giclee)? Click on the following link: Giclèe

To see a small version of the 8x10 inch Giclèe that is included free with the purchase above, click Giclèe Image

To order the Gylcee separately, please contact us via email for the price. We will print one for you when we are placing a future order.

Shipping for each giclee is a flat fee of $40 - U.S. ONLY. All That Glitters will pay shipping costs over $40!
Agate from Indonesia with Rare Ying Yang Naturally Occurring Design!
We found our first Natural Ying Yang Agate a few years ago and it sold immediately. We contacted our associate outside of the U.S. to see if he had more of this material. He did, but the price was about ten times what we had paid previously. We searched for this material in Thailand and Sri Lanka but to no avail. After a year of searching, we found a person who had several pieces that he had collected and the price was fair. We choose the best that was available and you can see those three pieces below...

The Auction piece below sold for many times above the price on our hand-selected pieces below - though it was heavier being about twice the weight of our larger piece. Though the auction piece was large, setting a larger piece will have limited use in jewelry and cost more to set. It is also possible that though much heavier, it was just thicker and not far off in the diameter - in which case, you would be paying far more due to the carat weight and not the actual diameter, so the better buy could be the one that weighs and costs less!
ying-yang agate ying-yang agate
A - 9.90ct (trk-12-01b) $250
B - 12.96cts (trk-12-01a) $300
Fine yellowish green or greenish yellow Sphene (Madagascar) with LOTS of dispersion - hand picked from a large parcel for the best pieces with only two being chosen. In the photo above, one can see some of the dispersion of this gemstone, as well as the doubling of the back facets, very much a characteristic of this gemstone!
Emerald Cut: 2.47cts, (kjcl-11-09a) 9.3x6.8x4.5mm $1,111

Published and currently on line representing Sphene:
Three fine Sphenes (Pakistan) with lots of dispersion, again, chosen out of a large parcel for the best brilliance and dispersion! Color is accurate and can be described as a cognac, brandy or orangy brownish yellow (?). Call the color anything you like, but everyone will agree that it IS beautiful! (kjcl-11-10p)

Small Trilliant: 1.95cts $250/ct
Cushion: 1.56cts SOLD!
Large Triangle: 2.78cts Approx: 9.9x8.9x5.4mm $450/ct

Published and currently online representing Sphene:
Another better photo of the larger triangular Sphene - some of the dispersion can be seen.
A really fine 27+ct cab of Agate showing some wonderful natural patterns. (kjcl-11-26c) $90
fire agate
fire agate
When this 7.28ct Fire Agate was seen, it had to go into the All That Glitters inventory. It has broad flashes of Green, Red and Orange as you can see from the photo - which is very unusual for the material as one usually sees the botryoidal variety. We took another photo under fluorescent light - regardless of the lights, you will see the two bright colors of green and sort of an orangy red. It was purchased some time ago from a long time American associate, living in Thailand - the origin is most likely not Arizona and we have no other info on it, but it is unique, caught our attention, and we had to have it! Would make a killer ring for a man or woman, or possibly even a pendant. Measures approximately 13x10x5mm. (kjcl-11-26a) SOLD!
agatized coral
21.98ct Agatized Coral Cab. Usually this material is just fossilized but in this unusual case, it has been replaced by Agate! (btgem-11-04) $175 SOLD!
quartz with inclusions
quartz with inclusions
147.80ct Brasilian Quartz with multiple fancy inclusions, including black Tourmaline needles! Less than $4 per carat.
(jtcpo-11-01) $1,478

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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