All That Glitters - International Importers/Cutters of Quality Gemstones, Specializing in Fine Quality Colored Gemstones.


Traveling to the Gemstone/Cutting Facilities of the World to Provide the Best Prices. Serving the Gemstone/Jewelry Community, the General Public and Collectors for Over 38 Years!

  • concave fancy oval ametrine
  • CA Kunzite custom cut
  • yellow chrysoberyl
  • concave green quartz pear
  • yellow beryl from Tajikistan custom cut
  • CA Kunzite custom cut
  • concave natural citrine
  • color changing diaspore custom cut
  • refaceted Brasilian green tourmaline
  • opal
  • CA Kunzite custom cut
  • tourmaline custom cut
  • topaz trilliant
  • Maine Tourmaline 1972 discovery
  • tanzanite custom faceted
  • large Burmese Perdiot
  • glowing blue sapphire trilliant
  • natural blue spinel
  • beautiful large green tourmaline
  • neon orange citrine
  • certed trilliant tanzanite
  • large neon pink Mozambique tourmaline
  • color changing diaspore custom cut
  • neon pink spinel Mahenge area
  • custom cut tourmaline
  • opal
  • concave faceted ametrine
  • emerald cut glowing blue sapphire
  • emerald cut spessartite garnet
  • neon spinel
  • natural green zircon
  • tsavorite - green garnet
  • super blue natural zircon
  • recut Mozambique tourmaline

This Months Featured Items and Updates:

New Inventory Photos:   New Inventory or Recently Photographed Items
New or Recently Faceted Items Always Arriving!!
Numerous Ametrines (flat faceted and specialty cuts), Blue Flash Amethyst, Aquamarine, Garnet and much much more...

Monthly Special:   Blue Green Tourmaline - Millenium Cut!
Tourmaline and Opal are both Birthstones for the Month of October (hint hint)

Monthly Gem News:   Fall for Autumn Gems
(GIA Article)

All That Glitters Business Synopsis

Direct Importers and Facetors of Fine Quality, Colored Gemstones at the BEST price. Owner has a Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and sells to goldsmiths, jewelry stores, the general public or collectors. Traveling Directly to the Gemstone/Cutting Facilities of the World provides the Best Prices to all of our customers. Serving the Gemstone/Jewelry Community, the General Public and Collectors for Over 38 Years!

Former creator and TV host of The World of Gemstones. Unusual gemstones such as Alexandrite, neon-Tourmaline, Alexandrite-Like Garnet, neon-Apatite as well as Tanzanite, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald and much, much, more are all available. Many stones are faceted in the U.S. to release the natural sparkle, fire and beauty inherent in the rough stone.

concave faceted oval ametrine

Why All That Glitters?

  • Quality
  • High Value at Low Prices
  • Professionalism
  • Personal Service
  • Honesty
  • Experts in the field of Colored Gemstones
  • Owner has a Gemology Degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and works with GIA as well as other labs to bring interesting gemstone finds to the trades attention
  • Our gemstones have appeared in the prestigious Gems and Gemology Magazine (a GIA publication), in newspapers, magazines and even television
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - 10 Day Return Policy (see below)
  • Items are selected from Hundreds or Thousands of pieces utlizing 40 years of experience/knowledge of color, size, clarity, cutting and price - choosing only the best for our customers, whether they be stores, goldsmiths, the public or collectors.
  • Many gemstones are faceted by our cutters in the United States, producing a lively well cut gemstone
  • A large percentage of our gemstones are Exclusive due to size, color, clarity  and cutting.
  • Serving the Gemstone/Jewelry Community for Over 38 years!
  • The All That Glitters Exclusive Approach
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Not Sure Which Gemstone in the All That Glitters Inventory Is Best for You??

View/Choose Gemstones at Your Leisure at Home...
We can try to answer your questions and perhaps help you decide or narrow down your choices. It can be a daunting choice when looking at the numerous gemstones in our inventory. If you have narrowed down your gemstone choices to a few gemstones and would like to view them in person to help in making a final decision, with our wonderful 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can purchase a few gemstones to make an in-person decision on which gemstone speaks to you with respect to shape, color, cutting, size, briliance, sparkle etc. This is a great way to compare multiple gemstones at the same time side by side to make the best choice for you! (Please be careful when viewing any gemstone as if dropped, a gemstone can be easily chipped or scratched under certain circumstances.) Simply let us know that you will be returning a gemstone(s) within 10 days of receipt and we will provide some general instructions on how to safely ship. We will refund your payment on the returned gemstone(s) once it has been received and in the same condition as initally sent out. (Note this option is possible for minerals and any item in the All That Glitters inventory.)

Starting October 11, 2019, PayPal will implement a new policy, affecting customers who return an item...

We want to let you know that the policy change is going into effect beginning on October 11, 2019... we will not charge a fee to process refunds, but the fees from the original transaction will not be returned."

Though we have very few returns over the past 40 years even when selling to the public, we must now charge the PayPal fees for those items that are returned, as PayPal will no longer reimburse those fees. This will affect very few of All That Glitters customers due to the low rate of return, but if you have concerns where you feel an item might be returned, other options to avoid these fees are possible and include: sending a check, certified bank check, wire transfer, money orders, using other applications such as Transferwise, Popmoney or other applications that your bank may offer. Many of our international customers use non-PayPal applications already, and more U.S. based individuals/businesses are starting to use these services also. We are open to trying services that you may recommend. Contact us if you have any questions.