Vietnamese Spinel Rough

Currently, we have the following Vietnamese Spinel available:

296 grams of the rough pictured below is available. This material is too small for us as we deal in high end, center gemstones. We would recommend that you send the rough abroad for cutting or to sell the rough as is. We would like to sell this as an entire parcel.

We are offering this rough at our cost back in 2006, plus enough to cover PayPal fees, etc. This material should be sent out of the country to be faceted and will produce some nice material, but the sizes are typically too small for the gemstones that we are known for.

In taking a small scoop of the material, the average weight per piece was 0.52grams. Those in the business have felt the color is good and that there were some really fine colors present in the parcel. 1-2ct gems may be faceted, but the average would probably still be about 0.52cts based on the average weight as well as a 20% yield.Sri Lankans have seen the parcel and their comments were that it was nice material with some pieces/colors being worth $300/ct. We recently have seen a cutter putting some of his extra rough up for sale at what he called good prices. The weight of his piece of spinel was just over 8cts and selling for about $50 per gram (2007 time frame). The color was similar to colors within our parcel (not one of the best colors either). Some of the pieces in our parcel will weigh just as much too - his 'good' price is 7.14 TIMES our price. There is lots of money to be made here when cut.

Comments from a cutter regarding two 20 grams parcels that he purchased:
"I got the spinel today. It looks nice and should cut some nice stones...I like the pink color of most of it and the blues look good too... I guess spinel rough doesn't come in much bigger pieces because all I have ever seen is small pieces like I received from you. I like the material and will make good use of it. Your price seems fair...Last night I went through the two spinel parcels. There were more of the larger stones than I thought and some really interesting colors. I like the light purple ones a lot. I probably got 15 to 20 stones that will cut larger than 1 ct stones and some as much as 2 cts. I set two aside to try soon. I'll try to get you a pic of a finished stone when I get to cutting one." (MS)

Click on the photos below for larger images

spinel rough

spinel rough

spinel rough

faceted spinel from ATG rough

The above photo is a group of 5mm rounds. The rough/cut material is anywhere from clean, to some inclusions to included. There are lots of different shapes and sizes in the 109+ct faceted parcel that goes along with the rough. The bright gems above are offered at a retail price of $100/ct.

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