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Gemstone Photo Gallery

   Newly Photographed Gemstones

New Items Recently Added!

  ATG Gemstones Published in Books,
  Articles and Magazines - Currently Available for


  Agate - Arizona Fire Agate

   Alexandrite (Natural)

   Incredible Gem Available Now!

    Synthetic Alexandrite also available - <  Syn Alex  >
    (Link also available below)


   Apatite (Neon)

   Beryl - Yellow Beryl (Heliodor)

  Demantoid Garnet


  Diamond Search Engine
  (Search hundreds of thousands of available Diamonds!)

   (A Very Rare Color Changing Stone!)


   Garnet    (Rhodolite, Chrome, Malaia, Hessonite, Other)
             Color Change/Color Shift

   Garnet - Color Change/Color Shift

  (Owner of All That Glitters named this new garnet in 1997)


   Intarsia - Jim Kaufman

   Intarsia - Boxes
   (Wooden and Gemstone Inlay; also Russian Lacquer)



  (Yes, the thumbnail to the left IS a Kunzite!)



  (Amethyst, Citrine, Included, Bicolor,
  Tricolor  and more)


(Blue and Fancy Colored Sapphire)

   Sapphire - Page 1
   Sapphire - Page 2



   Spessartite (Garnet)


   Topaz- Imperial/Precious

   Tsavorite (Garnet) 

    Tourmaline - Page 1
    Tourmaline - Page 2
    Tourmaline - Page 3  
    Tourmaline - Page 4
    Tourmaline - Page 5

   Tourmaline - MAINE

    Tourmaline - Paraiba

    Tourmaline - Bicolors

    Tourmaline - Mozambique (Cuprian Included)

    Tourmaline - Purple  (Cuprian Included)

   Misc - Page 1
   Misc - Page 2
   Misc - Page 3
   Misc - Page 4
   Misc - Page 5
   Miscellaneous - Faceted Gemstones (not categorized
   above), Cabochons and related items that can be set into




  Certified Gemstones

   Collector-Museum Pieces
  (A list of a few gemstones and other trade related items
   that  would be of interest to collectors, as well as
   museums.  Note that many of our gemstones would fall
   into this  category and might not appear on this page, but
   in our inventory lists or other photos pages.)



   Custom Jewelry Using All That Glitters

   (See what our customers have created as well as custom
   jewelers with gemstones purchased from
   All That Glitters...) 

     Signed Faberge Jade/Diamond/Enamel
   Vermeil Piece

  Mineral Specimens
   Page 1  
   Page 2
   Page 3
   Page 4
   Page 5

  Other Gem/Mineral Related Items

   Page 1  
   Page 2
   Page 3
   Page 4

  Intarsia (Gem/Wood/Mineral), Fossils,  Mine Related
  Materials, Meteorites, Antiquities, etc.

  Synthetic Alexandrite

  (The only lab created gemstone we stock.  We purchase
    direct and facet ourselves; our prices are approximately
    72% BELOW the retail price!)


  Giclée Museum Quality UV Protected
  Canvas Prints

  (Photos from the All That Glitters Collection)


   USSR Mineralogical Badges
  (Fron Government, State, Mine/Mineral

  Examples of Our Hand-Chosen Rough
  and the Gemstones Faceted from this

  Facet Rough


 Thailand Gemstone Excursion - 2006

  Oregon Sunstone Dig - 2007


  Oregon Sunstone Adventure - Oct 2008

Ratnapura Gem Pit Area November 2011


   A Personal Tour of  the Oceanview Mine

   To View Text Lists of Our Inventory,
   Visit our Inventory Lists Page:   Inventory Lists 

   Pricing may not be accurate for some entries in the
   Inventory Lists...

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"Thank you so much for you reply. I will research that article in JCK  You have helped me a lot on a difficult assignment I could not find hardly any references for this material. I love your web site it is full of great information and extremely well done. Aloha."
SD - Graduate Gemologist,  CGA, (appraisal lab in Honolulu)

 "I am highly impressed by your inventory and your website. I had a quick question for you. What kind of camera do you use to photograph your gemstones? The pictures are beautiful! "
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   "The gems arrived safely by courier to my door which I signed for and they were nicely packaged, arriving sooner than expected. I am pleased with them and will heed your advice on handling them and keeping them clean. Your photos enhance the beauty of the stones and are skillfully done. A very good selling point... the spinel does match my expectations from the photo. It is a lovely wee stone and I am pleased with my choices as a beginner.  As investments, I think I have made a good decision and have passed your name onto another buyer. Good to do business with you."
PG - New Plymouth, New Zealand