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Fire Agate Agate - Arizona Fire Agate
Agate Slices Agate Slices
Alexandrite Alexandrite (Natural)
Synthetic Alexandrite also available:
Syn Alex
Ametrine Ametrine
Neon Apatite Apatite (Neon)
yellow beryl Beryl - Yellow Beryl (Heliodor)
chrysoberyl Chrysoberyl
sculpted gems, carved gems, concave gems, fancy cut gems Concave/Sculpted/Carved/Fancy Cut Gemstones
agate slice Decorator Items
demantoid garnet Demantoid Garnet
diamonds for sale Diamond
diaspore - color changing turkish diaspore Diaspore
(A Very Rare Color Changing Gem!)
emerald Emeralds
garnet Garnet
(Rhodolite, Chrome, Malaia, Hessonite, Other)

Color Change/Color Shift
color change garnet or color shifting garnet Garnet - Color Change/Color Shift
imperial malaia garnet Garnet - IMPERIAL MALAIA GARNET
(Owner of All That Glitters named this new garnet in 1998)
iolite Iolite
intarsia Intarsia - Jim Kaufman
(and others...)
kunzite Kunzite
(Yes, the thumbnail to the left IS a Kunzite!)
opal Opal
quartz Quartz
(Amethyst, Citrine, Included, Bicolor, Tricolor and more)
Ruby - Page 1
Ruby - Page 2
(Blue and Fancy Colored Sapphire)
Sapphire - Page 1
Sapphire - Page 2
Sapphire - Page 3
Sapphire - Star Sapphire
spinel Spinel
spessartite Spessartite
(Orange, Red, Orangy Red Garnet)
sunstone, oregon sunstone Sunstone (Oregon and other)
tanzanite Tanzanite
precious topaz, imperial topaz Topaz- Imperial/Precious
tsavorite Tsavorite
(Green Garnet)
Tourmaline - Page 1
Tourmaline - Page 2
Tourmaline - Page 3
Tourmaline - Page 4
Tourmaline - Page 5
Tourmaline - Maine
Tourmaline - Paraiba
Tourmaline - Bicolors
Tourmaline - Mozambique (Cuprian Included)
Tourmaline - Purple (Cuprian Included)
miscellaneous gemstones
Faceted Gemstones (not categorized above),
Cabochons and related items that can be set into jewelry.
Misc - Page 1
Misc - Page 2
Misc - Page 3
Misc - Page 4
Misc - Page 5
zincite Zincite
zircon Zircon
certed gemstones Certified Gemstones
collector and museum pieces, minerals, gems, fossils Collector-Museum Pieces
(A list of a few gemstones and other trade related items that would be of interest to collectors, as well as museums.
Note that many of our gemstones would fall into this category and do not appear on this page;
however, they are in our inventory lists or elsewhere.)
jewelry Jewelry
custom jewelry with All That Glitters center gemstones Custom Jewelry Using All That Glitters Gemstones!
(See what our customers have created as well as custom jewelers with gemstones purchased from All That Glitters...)
minerals, mineral specimens
Mineral Specimens
Minerals - Page 1
Minerals - Page 2
Minerals - Page 3
Minerals - Page 4
Minerals - Page 5
Minerals - Page 6
gemstone and mineral related items
Other Gem/Mineral Related Items
Intarsia (Gem/Wood/Mineral), Fossils, Mine Related Materials, Meteorites, Antiquities, etc.
Other - Page 1
Other - Page 2
Other - Page 3
Other - Page 4
synthetic alexandrite Synthetic Alexandrite
(The only lab created gemstone we stock. We purchase direct and facet ourselves;
our prices are approximately 72% BELOW the retail price!)
mineral giclees Museum Quality UV Protected Canvas Prints
(Photos from the All That Glitters Collection)
USSR mineralogical badges USSR Mineralogical Badges
(From Government and State Mine/Mineral Symposiums)
examples of rough and the gems that were produced Rough/Cut
(Examples of Rough and the Faceted Gems Produced from that Rough)
gem rough Facet Rough
All That Glitters trip to Thailand 2006 Thailand Gemstone Excursion - 2006
All That Glitters Oregon Sunstone Digging Trip, 2007 Oregon Sunstone Dig
(July 2007)
All That Glitters Oregon Sunstone Digging Trip, 2008 Oregon Sunstone Adventure
(Oct 2008)
All That Glitters Oregon Sunstone Digging Trip, 2018 Oregon Sunstone Adventure
(June 2018)
All That Glitters Sri Lanka Trip, Ratnapura, 2011 Ratnapura Gem Pit Area
(November 2011)
All That Glitters Oceanview Mine, California Trip, 2012 A Personal Tour of the Oceanview Mine
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